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I can't stand it when people talk about _____ ?

Asked by erichw1504 (26453points) July 14th, 2011

What can’t you stand other people talking about and why? Could be a subject, person, event, anything.

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Others in a negative way. Unless the subject really deserves it which they usually don’t.

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Controversial topics when they sound like they’ve been watching Faux News.

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@SpatzieLover Yes, I have a friend on Facebook that mentions almost daily that he is bored.

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Yahoo Answers.

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@erichw1504 WTF is that about?! Get a life dude! Life is what you make it…look at you @erichw1504 you created non-boredom right here ;)

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how I’m a sinner.

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fight club

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work at a party, or anywhere where you’re supposed to be having fun.

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themselves. Constantly.

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@SpatzieLover Exactly, that’s how I do.

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Religion or lack thereof. Ugh!

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how much they just prayed for my family. I agree with the others and I am religious. It’s annoying as fuck!

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Their periods or bowel movements within casual conversation.

It’s just not my thing, yo.

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other people whom they’re supposed to be friends with.

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I’m with @Jude here. I can’t stand self obsessed individuals.

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TMI topics. especially when you hardly know them

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Past debaucheries

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How they are saved and I am not.

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Attempts to try to describe the beauty of art, be it music, literature, paintings, movies, dance, etc.
Only few have the ability to put in words what happens in it.
When someone hasn’t, i cannot stand to listen.

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Anything ad nauseum, especially after I’ve told them repeatedly, in a polite manner, that I have to get going. It’s really bad when they grab your arm and keep on yakking.

I’ve met people with whom I’ve literally had to yank my arm away from them to flee

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…how wonderful they are.I already know that you are and so does your mother.

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…God in a disrespectful way.
I understand you don’t believe, but there’s no need to be an asshole about it.

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Fawning over celebrities, especially for mundane things like having children and where they like to shop. Who the fuck cares.

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…the ‘weird’ dream they had last night.

Give it to me in a nutshell, people. Eg: ‘Cats rose up and invaded my colon, which was haunted.’ Don’t go on for half an hour about every little tedious detail. I don’t care how many ghosts were in your colon, or what their maiden names were. Stop talking!

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How dreadful their life is, “oh woe is me.” Cheer up ya miserable bastard!

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Private bodily functions, I don’t want to hear about how gassy you are.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette

Boring stories:
Them, “so I woke up and I was like, so so tired still. So I layed in bed a little longer. Got up and showered and went to the store to buy things for dinner. When I got home I put the stuff away…”
Me,” CHRIST! Get to the punchline already!!!”

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their boyfriend all the damn time. Especially on facebook. Not a single fuck is given that your boyfriend is “omg the cutest evar <3”

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@redfeather We have better things to talk about….like Swamp People!

Darlin’ dear, it comes on tonight and I’m not forgetting it this time!

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@KatetheGreat fo realz. I’m glad you know today is Thursday ;)

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@redfeather Dude. I always think that Wednesday is Thursday. It’d be tragic to think of what comes after.

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@KatetheGreat I’m here for you. I’ll be your calendar as long as you need me. ;)

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@redfeather As long as your butt is the picture that comes along with said calendar.

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@KatetheGreat I’ll write your name on it in a different font for every month. I’ll get better, I swear.

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@redfeather It better be extravagant when it comes to my birth month!

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@KatetheGreat pretty sure I have enough room for a mural of your face.

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I hate it when people talk about…

1. Marijuana/drug usage. I get it. Being high is cool and drugs will like totally change my life. But maybe you’d be a more interesting person if you weren’t high 24/7.

2. How much your class sucks and how much the test is going to suck and how it’s murder and all that…spend less time bitching and more time studying. :)

3. Anything if they don’t know what they’re talking about :)

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@DominicX hey brah, you should like indulge in the herb man, it will like, open the doors of your perception. We totally talked about that in that one stupid class of mine that I failed…. the doors of perception. Kafka came up with that idea, you know?

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Their kids.

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Hypothetical fill-in-the-blanks.

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Muffin tops.

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… I can’t tolerate people complaining and venting about something they no nothing about, but worse.. Getting enraged and siding with things written by others who have no idea what their talking about.

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….how biased and dumb Fox News is when they have not watched a minute of it. Also, general liberal yuppie discussion about how smart they are compared to conservatives.

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Another new fad diet that they are on. None of them work. I just keep my mouth shut and wonder if they will ever finally realize that all they need to do is to just start exercising and eating right.

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Celebrity gossip.

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…How drunk they got last night/last week/this morning. It’s not attractive and drunks are annoying and sad.

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<——annoying and sad now

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But still lovable =) I was mainly talking about all the kids I know…

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Their car and what new parts they got for it and what work they’ve been doing with it and how they raced someone with it and what is wrong with it and how much money they’re spending on it and how awesome it is and how nice it sounds when it is running and…


I can’t stand it when people talk about “what they do for a living” and ask other people what “they do for a living”, as if that’s the only thing that matters, that sets them apart from others, and which is often the focus point of discussion at parties and other social get-togethers. When I meet someone for the first time, I don’t really care about what they do for a living, or even if that person has a job or not. I’m more interested in what kind of hobbies, music/t.v. show favorites, and other individual characteristics and “idiosyncrasies” that other person has, that defines his or her character and personality. Forget the social status stuff and tell me what you’re really like. That would interest me far more.

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Jobs are really the only barometer we have to go on when meeting new people. It tells a lot about you. Like, how responsible , or self sufficient, and even to some degree intelligence, I said to some degree. How one gets their money is really telling. I would be very suspicious of someone who didn’t work but seemed rich non the less. They are probably dealing ,or they are snotty trust fund babies, both kinds of people I would like to avoid.


Just don’t like it when people make it the focus of their talking, and when it becomes the most important thing in a conversation. This happens a lot at the stuffy social cocktail parties and dinners I have to go to sometimes. :(

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Break their momentum. Say to them that you’re very successful because you have a really big cock. Do it.


@woodcutter Oh my! That line only works when I talk to them about the success of my marriage. And then, I only mention that when it’s with my closest of friends and no one else.

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Oh you shouldn’t kiss and tell on your wife, or any others. It may offend.


@woodcutter You’re right. ;)

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meh. still loveable.

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how bully breeds (Pit Bulls, Staffy’s etc) are more likely to be agressive than other breeds. I work at puppy training classes a couple of evenings a week and, quite often, the reaction by owners of non bully breeds to new bullys that are joining the class is very ignorant. I have known more aggressive Spaniels and Collies than Bull terriers.

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I can’t stand when people go on and on about all of their allergies or minor ailments. It’s one thing to tell someone that you can’t try the Lobster because you’re allergic to shellfish, but I have a family member that goes on and on about her big list of about two dozen things that she can’t eat and all of the “interesting” things that happen to her if she eats them—ranging from “a case of the itchies” to “extremely odorous urine and/or flatulence”


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Maybe she wants some attention.

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@keobooks tell her that her voice gives you diarrhea.

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