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I am tired of smart phones. Can I sync my gmail contacts with a regular verizon flip phone?

Asked by mowens (8350points) July 14th, 2011

I have had a smartphone since before most people even knew what they were. Since 2002 I have been using a blackberry or a treo, and more recently a droid.

I am done. I am sick of the battery life, I am sick of the higher bills, I am sick of everything.

I decided the only reason I still use an android is because it backs up my texts to gmail, and it syncs my contacts with gmail.So if I should break my phone and need a new one, (happens all the time) I will be able to get the contacts easily.

I am with Verizon, and I am satisfied with the service. However, I just want an old fashond flip phone.

Is there a way to sync my contacts with gmail? I want the sync to be over the air.

If I can back my texts up, that would be awesome, but it is not a deal breaker.

Plus, I have decided that texting has ruined my love life. I dont want it to be easy to send texts.

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Go to Verizon Wireless web site. Go to “your Account” set-up “back-up”. There will be a copy of your contacts on the web.

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It’s not what you’re asking for, but BitPim is free software that puts your cell’s data on your desktop. May be worth a look.

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I have no answer to your question, but I am interested in hearing about how texting ruined your love life.

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@nikipedia That was half a joke. But, I tend to text too much inbetween dates.

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@obvek So, my droid syncs my contacts to my gmail contacts. If Iadd a contact in gmail, it goes to my phone and vis versa.

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Which droid phone are you using mike? Have you considered a high capacity battery?

Other than that, I’m not sure which flip phones do that. I’m not sure if any honestly. Your best bet would probably be to find a smart phone capable of that, that just has a high battery life and ignore the “smart” features performance since you wouldn’t be using it.

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@tedd I’m also ove rthem randomly calling people.

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@mowens lol ....well that just sound like you don’t know how to use it…...

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@tedd WESTY… I teach you shit,

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@mowens well now i know not to ask you about smart phones, lol

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