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Do you know someone who argues just for the sake of arguing?

Asked by MilkyWay (13745points) May 14th, 2011

I’ve come across too many people who argue just for the sake of it. They just have to retort with a nonsensical answer.
They will not pass an opportunity to prove the other person wrong for whatever reason with a totally irrelevant response.
I mean, don’t they realise how incredibly silly they sound?
What on earth do you do when coming across a peron like this?

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Not anymore. These would be called ‘toxic’ people.

I keep a hefty dose of garlic and silver bullets around for these types. lol

It’s all ego and narcissism, and, trying to have a meaningful ‘discussion’ with these types is like talking to a brick wall.

They are seriously disordered, and a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots. Best to just be able to identify the leopard before it strikes. haha

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Don’t engage with them.

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Yes…oh, yeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssss.

I think that these people thrive on adrenaline rush…and a false sense of power. Winning an argument becomes a game.

I walk away. Or shut the phone on them. Or hope they won’t ask me out again. (No…busy, busy for the next few lifetimes, thank you.)

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Used to know a few. Not surprisingly, I stopped associating with them. I have enough of a problem keeping myself from jumping on every debate, don’t need people around who actively seek it out just for kicks.

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What if you can’t stay away from them? Like, a classmate…

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How dare you ask something like this? You know, you think you know a person and then they go off all half-cocked and say something like this. It really just makes me want to…..

Yes, I know people like that. :P

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@queenie You know, that reminds me of a couple people I took classes with before. One time this psycho dogmatic vegan argued with our vegetarian professor for calling chickens cute and fluffy.

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One of my favorite quoates is ” He is a grievance LOOKING for a CAUSE.” lol

Yep, that about sums it up for some. Lots of walking grievances ;-)

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@Coloma That just about sums her up ;)

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@queenie I lurve you too sweetie.

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Yes, he is the man who impregnated my mother. Since I have no choice but to interact with him I go with @marinelife‘s suggestion and avoid engaging as much as possible. When we are together I play my cards very close to the vest. Rather than volunteering any information or opinions, I let him take the lead. That way all I have to do to appear to be an active participant in the conversation is listen intently and ask questions now and then. Doing this prevents him from having the chance to argue with me.

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I pour a bucket of ice down their pants. Not much else you can do other than turn around and leave.

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Sure. I have fun with those folks. Often when I know what their true beliefs are I’ll argue strongly in favor of them, just to give them fits when they simply must disagree. Then, when they’ve argued in favor of the opposing points of view that I’ve had all along… I agree with them completely. Bugs the shit out of ‘em.

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snort Some of your answers are soo funny! I wish I really could pour some ice down thier pants XD
@WasCy I’ll try do that next time….

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The way you get these people to stop is this:

Say she comes up to you and you say, “Hey, didn’t you think that class was interesting?”
She takes a long breath and flips her hair and says, “Well, no, I thought it was utterly boring and aggravating, and the teacher’s wart was really grossing me out…” blah blah blah…let her go on for a few minutes… and then look at her intently right in the eye and say, “How the hell am I supposed to drink applejuice out of this envelope?!”

…and then scuttle away mumbling to yourself.

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I wish I had a bucket of ice, @Cruiser.

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@WasCy I edited that.

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Just carry a squirt gun.
Zap em’ in the zipper when they start to go all flipper! lol

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I have a friend who married a guy like this. I can’t tell if he’s a moron who actually believes in all of the weird conspiracy theories or crazy ideas he’ll bring up randomly in conversations or if he says them just to get people mad as hell and arguing with him.

Regardless, I see a lot less of my friend these days.

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My twelve-year-old fits this description, and according to her friend’s parents, her friends do as well.

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We called him Mr. Opposite. We actually played the guy by selecting a choice we didn’t want to so he could argue and change it to something we actually wanted. Asshole.

Life is too short to deal with people like that. (Or if you must deal with them play “the opposite game”. It almost makes the effort enjoyable.)

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Thanks guys :)
I’m going to go to school now, armed with loads of great strategies XD

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Don’t forget to wear a wreath of garlic around your neck and carry a wooden stake to kill those nergy Vampires. lol

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Yes I have a good friend like that and I’ve just had to come to accept that as a flaw he has. I think he’s developed it as a defence mechanism against his irrational sisters behaviour.

To counteract it I choose which battles to fight with him and which to ignore.

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This is hilarious when an old question pops up. I was about to mention my friend’s crazy husband and I see that two years earlier, I was thinking of him then as well.

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