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How do I program a neural network from scratch using Java?

Asked by zzztimbo (61points) June 15th, 2007

I would like to find some sort of template or tutorial.

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There are many implementations of neural networks... What will you be using it for? I wrote a fairly simple one in college in Java just using basic data types. Can you give me some more info?

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This site has an applet which may be useful... possibly a little complex. (there is a link to the source):

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I'm looking to compare 2 different NN architectures, namely radial basis function and feed forward (or plain multilayer perceptron), in its ability to distinguish cheaters on a memory test. A textbook with code examples would be useful to me.

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I also posted this question on metafilter (

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Interesting. For good textbooks, I've had success using Amazon (especially reading their user reviews). Perhaps "Introduction to Neural Networks with Java" ( would be useful.

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I've visited Jeff Heaton's website. My fear is that his text is written completely around his JOONE framework. BUT, you gave me a good idea. I think I'll ask my local Barnes and Noble if they can order the book for me so I can look through it, prior to purchase.

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