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How do I install Leximancer?

Asked by Bellatrix (21307points) December 7th, 2011

I am trying to install software called Leximancer. I have downloaded it from the organisation I work for. It is a jar file though (I believe this means I need Java). I have the correct version of Java but I don’t know how to install the program. I have opened the folder with WinZip (or a similar program) but I can’t find the installer?

Any ideas? I am obviously missing something here but I am not tech savvy enough to work out what it is.

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Double click it, jar files just run. You may have to start it through the command prompt.

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It didn’t just run and I have tried clicking and that didn’t work. I have checked I have the right version of Java and I have been to the program website. I have searched through the program folder (it was in a zip file) and I can’t find a file that appears to be the installer or an .exe file.

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@Bellatrix Try downloading a different version. Java files don’t run with a .exe, they are .jar files. Try renaming the .zip to .jar and double clicking it.

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It already has a .jar extension (or whatever it is called). I can’t download a different version. This is the only version available from my organisation and I don’t have to pay if I download it here. Otherwise, I have to pay for it myself and it is not cheap!

When I double-click on the downloaded file, a black dialogue box appears for a second but not long enough to read the contents and then it disappears.

I may have to call our tech people. I was hoping someone here would have a miraculous remedy I could use last night. Thanks for trying to help @XOIIO.

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@Bellatrix Yeah, without access to the software I can’t help.

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Thanks for trying @XOIIO. It’s cool. I will ring the tech people. It will be something simple I am sure. If I can understand whatever is going on and communicate it, I will post again. I was just excited about starting to try out the software.

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