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Deputy Secretary versus Under Secretary?

Asked by Maximillian (948points) July 15th, 2011

Long time since I’ve been here. Alright, so I’m not familiar with it, so I thought I should ask. I know that in the UK they use under secretary quite often. In the US, it’s more of deputy secretary. However, I also know that there are some positions in the US government titled “under secretary.”

So, a few questions.

1) Between US and UK positions, what is the difference between deputy secretary and under secretary?

2) Between US and UK terminology, what is the difference between the two under secretaries?

3) Between the two US positions, what is the difference between deputy secretary and under secretary?

I realize that some of these questions come into conflict with one another, but that’s what this question is for. So, my fellow Fluthers, do what you do best. Many thanks in advance!

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I thought of asking this exact same question a few days ago!

Short answer is: they’re just different posts. See here.

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Maybe this can help explain some of it. link

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Well, I found a pretty good link, and a basic hierarchy is one secretary, multiple undersecretaries, and even more numerous assistant secretaries. Deputies are the seconds to whatever position you’re talking about. Deputy secretary, deputy undersecretary, and so on.

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You can search for those job descriptions as easily as anyone else.

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I didn’t need the job descriptions, just the hierarchy. Which, as it turns out, can be confusing as hell. Welcome to bureaucracy.

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