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Where do you think, you will be in 10 year's time from now?

Asked by BadMotherFluther (186points) April 30th, 2008 from iPhone

Will you still be on Fluther?

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I would think I still be on fluther, it’s a cool site. Probably be fluthering with a gal having lunch somewhere. As far as dreams & goals are concerned, I will definitely financial independent living in a peaceful, and civilized part of the world with my family.

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I couldn’t really tell you. I can’t accurately predict a year into the future. My best guess is that I won’t be living in the United States in ten years. I’m not sure how or where I will go but I think the chances of me leaving the country are good.

Will I be on Fluther? Unlikely, I tend to drift from one website to the next. I’m actually surprised I have lasted this long. There is one other “community” based site that I have been a part of for about eight years. I will be visiting that place from my grave.

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JP could you let me in on it? Or is that advertising!

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When I was at school, my friend used to say, “Probably doing ten years in prison.” he was right.

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I remember the first time someone asked me this in eighth grade. The first thing that came to my mind was an image of me in a small shack up in Vermont or Maine somewhere by a lake, staying isolated from the general population, writing fantasy novels, with my only companion being a large black Newfoundland hound. hopefully I would still be connected to fluther…

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Ask again in 9 years, 11 months and 3 weeks…....I may be able to answer you then.

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Hopefully by a pool in Florida fluthering away on my laptop.

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Somewhere on the far side of near.

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ill probably be on oprah or dr. phil.

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buster: Why do you say that? Is it the heartbreaking kind of show, or the kind that make people laugh hysterically? There’s a big difference..

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