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Can you help me find a country song?

Asked by Berserker (33470points) July 16th, 2011

Aye, this is one of those annoying questions where I don’t know the name of the artist, or any important detail that could make this easy.
I’m not familiar with country at all, I only know some big names. But this song I heard years ago was awesome, I’d like to find it again.
It’s about this trucker, who sings about the life of being a trucker I guess. If I remember correctly, he’s kind of despondent about always being on the go, and never able to have any real relationship. But there is this one woman he sees regularly whenever he’s in her neck of the woods, or something like that. I do know that the song has the word ’‘train’’ in it.
Anyone know what this is?

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Lol they’re playing Atari. XD That isn’t it, but yeah, a bit similar, so far.

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I’m sending this to Jay. Maybe he knows.

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Try the bargain bin at Wal-Mart. Sorry. Just kidding.

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@Rufus_T_Firefly…I have tried.

I also looked in a buncha old vans.

Srsly tho, I’m still looking for this damn song.

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