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How to Advertise a Facebook Application for free?

Asked by mirza (5057points) July 11th, 2007

I have a couple of facebook apps that I want to advertise. The problem is if i advertise on a normal site, the link directs users to the facebook app page, which in turn redirects the users to facebook login page. I guess most ppl think its phishing attack and decide not to login.

Right now I am totally dependent on the my app users inviting their friends. So what other options do i have to market my facebook app without paying??

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I haven't seen any ads for facebook apps. I think that they spread by word of mouth. There's a small group of people who forward stuff to everyone they know, when they like something. Once the app hits those people, it will spread. Remember, if people like it, they'll tell other people.

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Invite Robert Scoble to use your app within Facebook.

Create a blog post or landing page that tells people about your app, then links them to the Facebook app page. Explain on your page that they are being linked to Facebook and that if they're not logged in, they will be asked to. That way they expect it and don't get as creeped out.

I'm releasing a guide on how to market your products/serves etc. online via social media. It'll be free, and when it's ready will be announced at my blog, Social Marketing. You'll find some great ideas inside there as well.

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If you’d like to advertise your facebook applications, you need to advertise them on other facebook applications.

Now if you’re still interested, I’d like to show you our Detailed Media Kit for advertising on iDescribe Facebook application.

Media Kit:

iDescribe Facebook Application:

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You should make a landing page or word press blog with links to the app as a “live demo” and on another page the buy it now and download pages.

I set up a wordpress site:
I used eshop plugin
A demo link takes them to

This way on the site you can get into real detail about your app and then send them to the app itself and call it a demo. This way they know your real. Plus there are guys like that target social media users and provide things like cost per install.

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Facebook is a great way to market business.

I do so with the tips at

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Found this blog.Seems pretty useful for individual developers to promote their apps and get some initial userbase :-

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