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Would you ever consider having your beloved pet stuffed after they died?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43701points) July 19th, 2011

Judge Judy…lady give this taxidermy guy $300 to taxidermatize her beloved yorky-dog after it died. He took her money but didn’t do the deed. She wanted her money back. She got it.

WTH?? I can’t even find the words…..

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No, I would not.

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No, it costs too much. However, I did buy a toy stuffed animal that looks exactly like her.

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I gave it about 30 seconds worth of thought when my Elizabeth died. Then the creepy factor kicked in and I had her cremated.

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I can’t think of anything more disrespectful to do to an animal’s corpse.

Wait… yes I can, but taxidermy is way up there, okay?

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I thought it was horrid too….

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No,but I would do that to my mother in law.;)

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No. Not my thing at all, creepy to say the least and more than a little neurotic.
However, judge me if you will…haha, I did spend about $400 to have a custom portrait of my goose Marwyn comissioned and framed a couple of years ago.

It is very nice and I joke that someday Marwyns portrait will be in a thrift store and nobody will know the story of a girl and her goose. lol

It is a graphite drawing of Marwyns bust with bamboo stalks and leaves in the background and the chinese characters for goose. He is a Chinese Swan Goose

I then had it framed in a black laquered frame with rattan matting.

It’s perfect with my mostly Asian/ethnic decor. :-D

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Only with my turkey I do that, every year.

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No way. Taxidermy gives me the creeps.

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@Coloma PICTURE!!!!
@olivia123’s sitting in her freezer right now. Well, as of the taping of the show, anyway.

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No. I would find it too creepy. Plus, my pet is a labrador. A bit big to have a stuffed one lying around the house.

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@downtide the thought of a taxidermied dog just “lying around the house” is particularly distressing. I can imagine apologizing to guests that happen to trip over it. :\

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No thank you. The photos and home movies are enough.

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No. But I often joke that I’m going to make mittens out of my cat Jelly. She is so soft.

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Yes, it’s creepy….but why would we find a stuffed pet creepy…yet a stuffed “game animal” tolerable? I hate the practice, but it’s not in the same league as a stuffed “pet.” Why is that?

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No it would creep me out.

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No, too creepy. I wouldn’t do it with a relative either.

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LOL! It does seem to be about along the same lines, doesn’t it @cockswain!

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@Cruiser oh my word, that page gives me chills. Not normal. :(

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Not looking at @Cruiser‘s post!

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Note that company is in West Virginia.

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^Hey, I live in WV!

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A labrador you say, sounds like a perfect coffee table. Don’t have a problem with it, if someone feels attached to their dog, why not.

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They’ve done it with people’s pets for some of our museum exhibits to look more realistic. My home is realistic enough. We’re riddled with lively pets. There’s no room for the dead to be stored here.

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Labradors as coffee tables?? Oh, this is gettin’ horrible!!!! Damn kitten! All over my keyboard, swatting at my hands, biting my fingers…she keeps making my computer do things I didn’t know it could do!

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Yes, I want my dear Mordecai to be perched atop my bookshelf in his signature pose – I’m totally serious. He’s an exotic cat that is about 30 pounds. I love him dearly. I find taxidermy less offensive than cremation and a bit less creepy (just in my opinion)

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if I recall correctly, the cowboy star Roy Rogers had both his wonder horse Trigger and his lovely wife Dale Evans stuffed.

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Cloned, yes. Stuffed, hhmmmmaybe maybenotsomuch.

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Hey, I don’t mind stuffing a pussy…..ooh, ya saucy bugger.

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@ratboy – it was Trigger and Bullet, not Dale, you must have them confused!

I wouldn’t have mine stuffed but the ones that I have died since I moved to Australia (Rooey and Red) and have not yet found a place where we want to stay forever, have been cremated and I do take their ashes with us when we go. They are placed on the highest shelf in the kitchen where they can oversee food preparation!

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No, I prefer having photos and memories. Stuffed animals are a bit creepy.

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A LOT creepy, IMO @Leanne1986 !

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