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Would you ever do what singing cowboy Roy Rogers did?

Asked by JackAdams (6536points) October 10th, 2008

As you probably have heard, or already know, when his horse Trigger passed away, and when his dog Bullet died, Roy Rogers took both of them to a taxidermist, to have them “preserved forever,” and today they are on display to the public, at the family museum.

Would you (or could you) ever do something like that, to a pet that you cherished? Not me!

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Unhealthy inability to “let go” there.

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Although I would always want my dog to be with me forever, I would not wish for him to be with me in that “state” or “form.”

You “mount” or “stuff” hunting/fishing targets, but certainly not friends or family.

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Being an avid hunter, myself. Many years ago, I decided to become a lic. Taxidermist, specializing in horned animals. But, it wasn’t until a very close friend of mine, asked me to preserve his hunting dog, that I changed my field of expertise to that of waterfowl… I understand the need to preserve something in which you love to do. Yet, it is quite different when it is something/someone you love.

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What if someone had a pet bird for you to do?

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I’d have to apologize, and then decline. When it is something that we love, that person, animal, place or thing, is perfect. It has no flaws. When in fact it has many, but we are blind to them. As in, “Beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.” I would never be able to duplicate that perfection. No matter what I did. Even though it was identical in everyway, shape or form. They would find flaws. And that, my friend, would ruin my reputation and or friendship!

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Then in theory, when they bring in a pet bird, they will have to LIE to you and say, “Look what I killed in my back yard! Can you stuff this for me?”

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