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What is this unmarked Toshiba laptop card?

Asked by XOIIO (18283points) July 20th, 2011

I found This Toshiba laptop card thing, it has no markings aside from LITE4and a couple serials that don’t help. What does it do?

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Do you have any more pictures like of ports or connections?

From here it just looks like an external HD, but you’d probably know if it was that.

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I think it is the new iPhone 5;) Seriously, it looks like a laptop internal battery. Most new laptop batteries are getting smaller in size to accommodate the necessity for smaller, more portable laptops. I would suggest you call the Toshiba client services help desk to better identify what this item truly is. Let us know!

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Well it’s old and its fits into the slots that old laptops have to getextra ethernet cards, or wireless cards PMCCIA i believe its called

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It seems to be a PMCCIA and an internet search of the model or serial numbers may indicate it’s purpose along with an examination of its connectors should reveal its intended function.

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[mod says] Minor typo in title corrected via internal edit.

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As far as I can tell it’s an external RAM add-on that fits in a PCMCIA slot. Probably from the early to mid-90’s. If you still have a laptop with a pcmcia slot, try it ?

Does it have any jacks for external connectors on the outside edge ?
If so then it is something else… like a USB extender with four ports…

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