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Does anyone know what kind of bird this is?

Asked by becka8503 (15points) July 22nd, 2011

Can anyone tell me what kind of bird this is? It kind of looks like a robin, but then it has a long beak. We saw it in my grandmas yard one day. It was located in New York.

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It is obviously just a fledgling. Could it fly?

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My aunt walked towards it and she said it just hopped away, it didn’t fly away. What exactly is a fledgling?

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A baby bird.

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It might be a Little Blue or Yellow crowned night Heron.

Maybe the Woodcock as mentioned, hard to tell.

Do you live near water? A marsh, pond, lake, river, stream, creek, or other body of water?

Have you seen the parent birds tending it?

These are water birds, fish and amphibian eaters and spend their time hunting in marshes and other sources of water that supply their dietary needs.

Do you have a local wildlife rescue that can assist you in a rescue if the bird is not in the company of it;s parents?

Have you seen it fly?

If it is able to get off the ground and perch it does not need assistence and might be in it’s normal fledgling stage.

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Yep, it’s a Woodcock I’d say..nix the Heron.

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Thank you everyone for your responses. After looking at some pictures of the Woodcock i’d have to say that i’m pretty sure thats what it is. :-)

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