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Are you or do you know anyone who’s “pee shy”?

Asked by christine215 (3163points) July 22nd, 2011

I had a friend ages ago, she’d make me come into the bathroom with her and talk a lot while in there, though if it was a single stall, I had to face the other way. She didn’t want anyone to hear her pee…she admittedly would let it dribble out so as not to make noise.
(she also had smelly feet, but that was another story)

Is that “pee shy”? Is that the same as not being able to pee in a public bathroom? Is it hard for some people to do that? why? If you gotta go, you gotta go right?

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Haha. I hate hearing other people pee. XD

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My friend is exactly like this. She always wanted me to accompany her to the toilets at school, so I could keep the hand dryer turned on so nobody else would hear her. I often pointed out nobody could hear her anyway but she didn’t even like the thought of a passer by or even herself hearing the pee. One time all the toilets were locked apart from one, but this didn’t have a hand dryer so she talked to me really loud and made me talk too; she even sang. She’s kind of passed it on to me, too, as now I like to lay a few pieces of toilet paper in the toilet before I pee so nobody can hear my pee hitting the water in the toilet, though I’m not as obsessed and paranoid about it as her.

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I can’t piss in urinals or when other people are in the public restroom. That shit just doesn’t work.

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I’m fine if there are those divider things, but a plain ol’ row of urinals requires some gumption. XKCD ran a piece about the phenomenon.

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I am a little bit. I usually can’t pee in a urinal if someone else is using one or there are people at the sinks or something. It just…doesn’t happen. It’s too open and exposed. For that reason, I tend to use the stalls exclusively unless I’m in a hurry and I just don’t care. But it’s just the opposite of your friend’s situation; I wouldn’t want anyone else in there, not even a friend. It would still make it difficult to go. I’m not sure exactly why it happens, but it does have a technical name:

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I worked with someone who had a “shy bladder.” We seemed to be on the same “schedule” so many times I would be coming out as she would be going in. I would tell her if someone was in the restroom. If there was someone in there, we would stand in the hall and chat until the coast was clear.

Personally, I don’t care who’s around. If I have to go, I have to go.

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I could care less. I got broken from that kind of shyness in college when we had a communal bathroom…

I have NEVER understood the row of urinals in men’s bathrooms.

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Nope. I don’t know anyone like this. Not about peeing, not that I know of.

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Sigh. This is going to sound so dumb. I went through high school extremely sound-paranoid, but I didn’t even know you could hear peeing until I was about 25 and remember the waves and waves of mortification and realization that came over me for days and days. (YES! it was that dramatic.) Why in the world didn’t someone tell me…?
Now I couldn’t care less. When I gotta go, I gotta.

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I hate when the guy next to me says something like ”slow stream eh?”

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Oh lord, @woodcutter‘s comment reminded me of a somewhat related story.

I was once in a bathroom in a real gritty honky tonk somewhere outside of Nashville. I was doing my best to take a leak in peace when all of a sudden, this group of Jersey Shore-looking guys all pulled out their cocks and started comparing sizes and fist-bumping each other. I got the hell out of there.

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In North Dakota two days ago, my son went into a bathroom. According to him, there’s a MANRULE for bathrooms: when there are 3 stalls, never take the middle one. Ever. One guy had the first stall, so he took the third. Another guy comes in, and takes the middle one, which brings up another MANRULE- don’t ever talk. The middle guy chats briefly with the first guy about the weather and corn. Then as my son is zipping up, he tells my son, “One shake’s good. Two’s okay. Three’s playing with yourself and that was four.” I think my son freaked out about it for a good hour, and if I want to have fun watching him freak out again, I’ll just mention it.

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How old is your son?

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I am, I flush then pee while it’s flushing so no one can hear me. I also do the hover squat over public toilets. Ain’t no way my heiney is touching the seat, even with the paper covers.

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The sports arenas used to have troughs in the mens rooms. Those used to freak me out!

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@Dutchess_III 19 but looks 25. He’s 6’2 and a 250 lb rugby player. There was nothing I could do to the weirdo that he couldn’t do better.

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Please! Mention it to him…with the video camera running! I’d love to see that!

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I asked my husband about using men’s rooms, he said here most don’t have dividers. They just have a trough and then separate cubicles, so men just get used to using the trough. He said he has noticed some cultural differences where say Asian guys for instance will always use a cubicle.

I can relate to the noise factor in the ladies. I would rather not be overheard. I won’t hang around outside to avoid it though. It is just a preference.

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Honestly, I’d rather have my own privacy when I’m taking a leak. Although I can hack public bathrooms, I wouldn’t want someone right there with me while I’m peeing. Also I don’t really care how much noise I make, it’s natural, and if i gotta go I gotta go, end of story.
Most people can use them fine, so she probably is ’‘pee shy’’ if she goes to such measures in order to stifle the sound of her pee… Could be a lot of things, I couldn’t begin where to guess without more details. But it has to be hardcore enough, that someone so pee shy would actually have someone right in there with them.

I mean didn’t people that happened to be in the public bathroom wonder what the hell was going on lol?

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What a great term: Pee Shy. I’ve suspected a few of being one, like the co-worker that would ask someone outside of her stall to run the sink faucet. At least we have the privacy of a stall. I don’t know whether to be envious or relieved (bad pun intended) to be a female.

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Yes i am a pee shy. I can’t do it in the open. It never comes.

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@linguaphile Those rules are true. I learned them here on fluther. I’ll look for the link.

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Here is one link about urinal protocol.

And, I was just remembering that several men agreed the men’s room is the quietest pace in the world. Maybe, maybe, you can say something to another guy at the sink and mirror, but that’s it. Women agreed we talk between stalls at times no big deal.

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@JLeslie Occasionally, when the mens room is full and no one is saying anything, just for fun I begin complaining loudly about how badly it burns.

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Yeah. We heard you out in the lobby @filmfann. : )

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There is NO conversing while one hazeth his cocketh in handeth!

Author: “The Piss Nazi”

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