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What is sucess how is it measured?

Asked by Trance24 (3306points) April 30th, 2008

How would one measure success ? Is it the money, the happiness, the little house with the picket fence?

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Getting to the point where you are content.
I don’t believe you can count it or weigh it, you just know when it happens.

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I thinks one’s success is relative to everyone else’s success. So in reality success is only how well everyone else is doing. If everyone around you in a freaking billionaire , but you’re only a millionaire then your success is relatively low.

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See “Kimo’s Rules”

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Tough question, needs to be narrowed down a bit…..............I mean, Al Capone was a successful crime boss, but unsuccessful at paying taxes.

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True success is never measured against the accomplishments of others, otherwise you will find life disappointing. Define your own success, then set goals to achieve what you have defined. Money is a very poor measure of success, I know many ridiculously rich people who by any other measure are complete failures in life, and many of them, to their credit, would agree with me.

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Success to me is measured in personal happiness and my ability to give to others. I have a long way to go.

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If I am doing better than my neighbor across the street I know I am doing fine.
Sometimes I throw a high grade fertilizer on his lawn just to make myself look better.
I am super successman!

You can and should only ever out do yourself and your own goals.

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