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If you've played GTAIV, what's the craziest thing that's happened?

Asked by youknowconnor (264points) May 1st, 2008
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i was playing multiplayer, and we used 3 police chopppers to chase one guy over the motorway, pretty nice to see 3 flying fortress’es opening fire on 1 car

one other thing that was pretty crazy, i jumped out of a chopper but landed in the blades of one beneath me, yeah, those choppers realy are something

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I was driving through an alley and I hit a dead end. Then while I was reversing I backed over something and my car blew up.

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I am jealous. I preordered the game online and it has not arrived yet. Hopefully tomorrow. Happy gaming.

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by the way, other thing, i was driving with my bike, hit a bump, made a full back flip and landed just right

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I crash a bike at full speed and didn’t stop rolling till myu health ran out, about 5 blocks down.

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I walked straight back into the hospital after dying and immediately began stabbing and shooting the people inside. I then threw moltav cocktails at the door making a lenghty barrier of fire. killed some more people near the entrance and lit them on fire too. then I walked back behind this half wall barrier thing and took out my rocket launcher. as soon as the police get near the door the middle starts to open and it gives me enough room to fire a rocket outside of the motion censored door, exploding any oncoming police (if they didn’t catch on fire already, that will kill em off). But yeah basically you’re an unstoppable killing machine. :]

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I was flying a helicopter and I tried to jump out onto the top of a building so I could snipe and rocket launch all the cops but as I jumped the rotating blade from the chopper hit me in the face and sent me flying for a good mile. I only stopped when my face made contact with a store sign and I careened wildly into a passing motorcycle.

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oh yeah, i tried to shoot a missile at a cop in a tunnel…it missed and it bounced of, flew straight into the air, exploded near a helicopter that was just heading over…it fell :D

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I fell out of a plane into the ocean. ^_^

It was CRAZY!

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i jumped off the empire state building and landed on my feet… my health stayed the same and i walked off normaly.

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