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If I unlock my iPhone can I restore it through iTunes if I choose?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) May 1st, 2008 from iPhone

I’m sure this has been asked before feel free to comment a link if so. And if I can restore it. What program should I use to unlock it

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i can’t give you any info on the unlocking part, since that’s illegal, but as far as i know restoring a hacked iphone will restore it to the “factory defaults”

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then please point me in the direction to find out

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Unlocking your phone is not illegal.

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what program or way did you use b?

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Its illegal for iwamoto to tell you because he works for apple. [looks around for spies]

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haha, well, no, it was just my conception, i mean, i’d unlock mine too, but i just thought it wasn’t legal to unlock, and i just think of it this way, if you can unlock it yourself, you can handle it, if not…well, that’s just my 2 cents on the matter

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I don’t own an iPhone, I just know you have the legal right to unlock your cell phone to work on any carrier. There is a group call The iPhone Project that claims to have a way to unlock your iPhone within about 20 minutes. I am not sure how trustworthy they are, so use at your own risk. They have some info, and a video of them accomplishing the feat on their website.

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Will….try downloading ZiPhone….the software is free and the chances of it bricking your iPhone…near impossible. I have successfully unlocked (jailbroken) and restored my iPhone multiple times. But just from experience I would recommend not doing it. The app store that apple will be coming out with will be so much better than the free one.

Anyway the ZiPhone software is totally automatic, you just have to click unlock jailbreak and activate. (make sure you close iTunes when it trys to open)
The whole process takes like 4 minutes….sometimes less.

Good luck!

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Unlocking your iPhone is a breach of your contract with Apple, which is a completely different thing to “illegal”. The worst that can happen is that they no longer have to honor the service contract and warranty.

In addition, it is not illegal for iwamoto to discuss jailbreaking, although it could be unwise if he likes his job.

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If your iPhone backup is encrypted with forgotten password, you cannot restore iPhone from iTunes backup, so what you should do before restore is to find the password and unlock the encryption password. Here, I know a tool named iPhone Backup Unlocker. It is able to recover lost password for iPhone backup.

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