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After drinking a glass of orange juice, how long does it take before the sugar enters my blood?

Asked by noahlt (9points) July 26th, 2011

I’ve heard that you can stay awake by drinking a glass of orange juice, but for that to be true the sugars from the juice would have to enter my bloodstream very quickly. How long does it take?

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just a few minutes depending on what else is in the stomach at the time

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I don’t see how it would keep you awake, but the sugars do enter your bloodstream quickly. Drinking OJ is one way diabetics can avoid diabetic shock (hypoglycemia), and that’s something where the cure must be fast-acting. I don’t know the exact speed, though.

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I’m a diabetic, and I can guarantee that the sugar will enter our blood in about 13 to 20 minutes. O-Jay is kinda one of the emergency drinks we diabetics use because of the easy absorption rate. Don’t know too much about keeping you away while driving though…

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It is very fast. Anything that is liquid sugar will be only minutes to enter your blood stream. OJ, coke, apple juice, lemonade, etc.

I don’t think it does very much to keep you awake though. People swear children get hyper from earing sugar, but some objective studies I read about 10 years ago that show it isn’t true. More like an old wives tale. If you are very hungry maybe the sugar will help perk you up, but if you are well fed, sugar levels in your blood are good, I can’t see how the addition of more sugar will help significantly? But, I am not a doctor.

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I am and @JLeslie is correct in everything she says.

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If you have any blood sugar issues, the orange juice (and coke, and lemonade, etc) will perk you up for a few minutes then keeeer-plosh you into intense tiredness. Not worth it.

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Fight music perks me up. Any type, rock, techno, video game. The proper soundtrack to any situation can really up the tempo, lol

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