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Star Wars name?

Asked by kevbo (25672points) May 1st, 2008 from iPhone

Sorry to be a copycat, but Star Wars names are a lot of fun, too.

[Last three letters of your first name backwards + the model (not make) of your car] of the planet [name of the last prescription drug you took]. Feel free to take a little liberty.

Me: Nivrav 4 of the planet Levothyroxine
Old gf: Ass Bronco of the planet Diflucan

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ely5 of the planet Methadone

Methadone is taking “a little liberty”.

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This is fun: mine is Eilcivic of the planet Zyrtec. (It’s not prescription anymore, but it should be. And I liked it better than Sulfamethoxazole).

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Sel of the planet Imitrex
I have no car these days

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Trexterra of the planet Halcion.

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Leatacoma of motrin

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Avufiesta of the planet ZeloZoc (not the last I took, but did take it once)

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nhoridesabike of the planet Prednisone.

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Lei535xi of the planet Tylenol Codine

glial's avatar

Motcivic of the planet Plavix

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aru tribute of the planet desogen

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Naiwrangler of the planet Cefaclor

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Mai-Montero of the planet phrofen.

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Luatrain of the planet Xanax

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@Les. Surprised we haven’t met. I am Esicivic of the planet Zyrtec. Parental unit of Necivic of the planet Motrin and wife of Sinaccord of the planet CentrumSilver.

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@seesul: I am pleased to make you acquaintance, Esicivic. Perhaps we have met at some time, deep in the Galaxy of Antihistamine.

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May the force be with us.

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Wertrans Am of the planet Doxycycl.


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Naytundra from Hydrocodone

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Nosbeetle of the planet fexofenadine.

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seesul: Haha, “of the planet CentrumSilver.” =]

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ytspassat of the planet Valium. A happy place to visit.

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aryoddyssey of benzac 310

richmarshall's avatar

Hcitacoma of the planet Flonase.

gimmedat's avatar

yllcrv originally from the planet Ativan, but recently relocated to the planet Cymbalta.

LunaFemme's avatar

Hsimiata of the planet Interferon beta-1a (aka planet Ribif) Or

Hsimiata of the planet Ritalin.

I can’t decide which I like better.

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Sir Lancer of the planet Ativan!

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@yllcrv: I am your father…

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Maicrownvictoria of the plant Lithium

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Nasprius of the planet Percoset (I wish…).

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Cirpilot of the planet phenylephrine

Seesul's avatar

Hcitacoma. I make a journey to Flonase daily as well, on my way to Zyrtec, via Kleenex of Aloe.

row4food's avatar

EtatC of planet Nitrofurantoin – Macro

rowenaz's avatar

Anecamry of the planet Lorazapam

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@seesul We may know some of the same peeps.

~~Hcitacoma of Flonase

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Ydntc of the planet Xanax.

My name sucks…I think I’m a droid… =(

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Sem Bel Air of the planet nopills!

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Ylineon of the planet Metronidazole

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@bulbro, I thought that planet was destroyed when the Pharma Star became fully operational!

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@kevbro It was! My people have took refuge to the planet Tylenol. However, we look to invade planet Valium, after the baby is born!

Do you remember Prince Valium, from Spaceballs? The movie sucked so bad, it was funny!

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Hanfocus of the planet Ibuprofen

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I asked my nephew and he is NagFocus of the Planet Airborne.

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Sam Rodeo of the planet Viagra.*

(Just kidding I’m too young to be using Viagra. *Of the planet Zyrtec.)

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Nascivic of the young planet Aspirin.

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Anasonata from the planet Benadryl

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Nai-none of the planet Claritin.

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craintegra of the planet alluprinol

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Leaavelon of the planet Concerta

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Amnesiac of the planet Quaalude, sector 714.

This thread is hilarious! I don’t know how I missed it!

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Nosrio of the planet Mobic ;)

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I have to change mine. I didn’t read the whole question, so I didn’t see all the directions. I am now Mik Mercury of planet Crestor.

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Nice ring!

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For some reason it makes me think of Queen, ha ha!!

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Nabprotege of the planet Hydrocodone (Vicodin)

Ass Bronco HAHA.

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Me: SamExplorer of the planet Percodan

Edit to add wife: Ryl Cruiser of the planet Nicoret

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Enicooper-S of the planet Clarinex-D

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idu325 of the Planet Motrin

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