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Could you please pay your tribute?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20166points) July 28th, 2011

Who is it that you want to pay tribute to? Do you feel you owe it to him/her?

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I want to pay tribute to my padre! He is the most steadfast person I’ve ever met. I owe him this respect because no matter how bad I screwed up, he never lost faith in me.

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@rOs He deserves it through and through. Most parents do!

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“I would not have stand here before you today if it were not because of this remarkable man.
The man that made me a strong man, a dedicated man and, above all, a loving man.
He laid the fruit in my beloved mom’s warm womb.
That man I would like to give all credits and thank with all my warmth and love:
Dr. John Lewis Carter from the Upsala IVF Centre!”

I love you, dad!

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My wife has taught me more about love and forgiveness than I imagined existed.

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