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What are some good things to call someone in a fight?

Asked by cliofaye (405points) July 28th, 2011

I’m in a joke fight and I was hoping for some second opinions on what to say.

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“I’ll rip your fucking skin off I’ll live in you like a tent!”

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@poisonedantidote it was a name calling war

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Dickwad if it’s a guy.

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Leech or barnacle?

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You’re so retarded even Sarah Palin would abort you!

oh, a name…


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- Cum barfing kiddy fiddler.

- Necropedo

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Who do you think you are, Captain Poopey Pants!?

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You could say to them,

You diseased rhinoceros turd.
You putrid bile duct reject.
You colon snorkeler.
You bike seat sniff jockey.
You Bushbot automaton.

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Cock mongler.

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Bush lover.

Could be political, could be sexual.

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Call me back when you want to talk about a real fight.

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cock whipped sissy

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You Santorum slurper.

You poop shoot spelunker.

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If I was in a fight with someone, and they started taunting or insulting me I’d just go…don’t talk, just fight.

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“You…, you dirty…....., er, wait a sec, let me check Fluther. ”

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