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Have any of you americans/europeans heard of poutine, or is it just a quebec thing?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6762points) May 1st, 2008

french fries with gravy and cheese…yum!!

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No, but that sounds really good, evil, good.

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My son had it in the Acadian section in Nova Scotia when he was in school there. A&W in the area also serves it. He also came back hooked on Pickle flavored chips and Ketchup chips.

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the big chains like a&w dont make it that good. if youre ever in quebec, try it at la belle province, or any small restaurant. theres a good combo where you get their hot dogs and poutine for a great price. basically, its french fries, with extra curdled cheese, but in chunks, covered in gravy, so the cheese melts. the only downside is that its so fattening. it may look nasty, but its soooooo good.

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I have not heard of it, but it’s my kind of ingredients.

Holy smokes….summer pool time is almost here. I need to change my eating habits and shed my winter coat.

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Sure, French fries, beef gravy & cheese curds.

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Yes have heard of it and have been careful not to go there. Good lord scarey.

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I’m officially not following this anymore, it could get ugly. I’m already scouring the pantry for the ingredients.

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any phonetical relationship to pu-tang? That’s all that reminds me of :)

(I actually had to use the urban dictionary to see how to spell that. How uncool am i?)

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Never heard the phrase, but chips (=fries) with gravy (often curry) are very popular in Ireland.

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Poutine is available in BC, but its not too common.

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Never heard of it but sounds very tasty.

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How funny. My American friend asked me the other day if I heard of it.

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I have heard of such a thing, but only through a french-canadian friend. Sounds… weird. Don’t think I’d be much of a fan of cheese/chips/gravy combined. Although I should really try before judging.

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Yeah, I tried the A&W and the gravy part wasn’t that great, but he had it other places and has since asked for the ingredients separately at restaurants here. They look at him as if he is crazy. He tells them they are crazy for not trying it. Haven’t gotten him up to your neck of the woods yet, but I will note your suggestions and hope we make it some day. Thanks!

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Yea! It’s pretty good stuff! I had it in Vancouver B.C.

I also tried flaffle, and that shiz was pretty good, too!

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