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Is it unusual to celebrate your parents anniversary together?

Asked by rockfan (14627points) August 1st, 2011

My best friend, who’s 20 years old, is going out to dinner with his parents on their anniversary, along with his brother. Am I the only one who thinks that’s a little strange?

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It’s a family celebration, so I don’t find it strange at all.

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Usually parents want the kids around them when they celebrate the anniversary. Later on after 20 / 30 / 40 years after the marriage they would really enjoy having a huge celebration with sons/daughters/nephews .. the whole package.

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I don’t see it as strange. I suppose it’s stereotypical for the married couple to do their own thing away from the kids on their anniversary, but if they want to include the whole family, then I see nothing wrong with that.

My parents’ anniversary also happens to be my birthday, so it was always hard to avoid including me in the celebration :)

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My parents aren’t together but I’m assuming it depends on the couple. My friend’s parents invited me to dinner with them on their anniversary (with said friend herself as well, of course).

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It’s not unusual at all for families with older kids. My parents 20th was the first one where we had the whole family and guests over.

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It’s not strange to me. Sometimes my husband and I celebrate our anniversary with our sons (our 25th was with sons and their girlfriends), and sometimes it’s just the two of us. Either way seems altogether appropriate to me. I think our children have every reason to celebrate the foundation of their existence, don’t you?

How other people choose to celebrate is their business.

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Each family is different and it depends on what the parents want. There aren’t any rules that I know of. Some parents don’t celebrate it at all themselves. Some want a private celebration. Some look for any excuse for a party and include everyone.

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I don’t think it’s strange. I’d love to celebrate my anniversary with my kids someday, like 20 years or something.

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My brother and I have always gone out to dinner with my parents for their anniversary. I think their feelings would be hurt if we didn’t all do that together. I think my feelings would be hurt if they didn’t want us to come along.

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Strange? What? Parent’s anniversaries are for the whole family. We had a huge, public, anniversary for my Hubby’s parents 60th. It was on TV.

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