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A nice, preferably unique hotel near Seattle airport?

Asked by nocountry2 (3689points) May 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

Any personal favorites??

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The Sea-Tac airport, being a considerable distance from Seattle itself, is in an area that wouldn’t particularly attract a “unique” hotel since it isn’t really in a tourist area. You’d have to head into Seattle for that type of accommodation.

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Here’s a suggestion: If you want to stay away from Seattle, check out Kent or Des Moines, both close to the airport, but might have a hotel or two in their own right.

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Really, SeaTac airport is not the area in which one finds nice, unique hotels. For that, you really need to go downtown. Downtown is not that far from the airport—only about 14 miles and 14 minutes by car. The Inn at the Market is very nice (so you can experience the Pike Place Market area), or you can fish out your window at the Edgewater Inn, immortalized in Frank Zappa’s song Mudshark.

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Thanks for the advice – we decided you guys were right and got a room at Hotel 1000….

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