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Best affordable hotel in downtown Seattle?

Asked by emilyrose (2272points) June 30th, 2008

I traveling alone for work and want a nice enough place where I can feel safe walking at night, and where there is a gym. I’m considering the Sheraton. Any others? I would ideally spend $150 -$170 a night.

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You don’t mention if you like specific types of hotels. I like to get away from chains when I can. Here are some European boutique-feel hotels right downtown.

This hotel has a more European feel and is in your price range. Not sure about the gym.

I love the Hotel Vintage Park.

One that definitely does have a gym and has a great ambiance in your price range is Hotel Monaco.

I would prefer any of these three to the Sheraton. I can come up with others if you don’t like these. Have a great trip. I just got back from there.

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I stay at the Paramount almost every time I am in Seattle. Friendly staff, nice rooms, and great people watching from the windows. It is close enough to most everything to walk, like Pikes Place, Pioneer Square, food etc.

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Marina has gotten some of my favorites: Hotel Vintage Park and Monaco—two sweet hotels. There is another just up the hill from downtown that is a beauty, the Sorrento, on first hill, but very close to downtown. And one more offering, the Warwick, a bit north, across the street from the Cinema, and a very lovely small, nice hotel. Great breakfasts. don’t know about exercising, but if they don’t have it there, they might have an arrangement nearby.

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@skfinkel Love the Sorrento! It was a favorite romantic getaway hotel for my husband and me.

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The Ace Hotel. It’s not fancy but sophisticated, unique and right smack in the middle of Belltown, Seattle’s hot spot.

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