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Why do so many people seek a ”gym body” by way of a potion or pill?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) August 4th, 2011

Just about everywhere I look there is someone or some company advertizing you can shed X amount of pounds in X amount of weeks, usually very few, with out having to give up the foods you like, aka you don’t have to eat better, or do any exercise. Are we Yanks that lazy we don’t even want to attempt any kind of eating and exercising regiment to look slender and toned? Regardless of what is said, the reason these companies hawk their goods so hard is many Americans want to look thin but just don’t to work for it, so they spend billions a year on this snake oil and hyped up promises. Why are so many Americans trying to take a short cut rather than finding a way to do it correctly which works more than it doesn’t?

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They either have no clue how to exercise and follow a decent diet,are lazy or one of the many who want something for nothing.

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They have the “microwave mentality.” They want things easily and right now.

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Lazy people like the idea of throwing money at problems rather than buckling down.

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Marketing, business, greed, money. The companies selling the pills have effective advertising that pursuades people they need the product.

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Because your typical average person is content to become Nietzsche’s “last man,” content with what they have and too damn lazy to put forth the effort to better themselves.

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Most of these people have to be smart enough to know the crap is not going to work that easy or that fast. If someone told them to drop this pill in your gas tank and you will get X amount more miles to the gallon even if you don’t tune your vehicle up, and give you X amount more horse power even with the vehicle loaded to capacity, most will not believe it. Slick marketing should not be greater than common sense.

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It is just too hard to work for a “gym body”. I don’t mnd work, even hard work. I find running on treadmills and other excercise like that mindless and mind numbing. The only reason I went to the gym was to watch the girls run in skimpy clothes. Unfortunately I live in a small town and the only gym is almost exclusively male. If I see a sweaty male, he better have a shovel in his hands.

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