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What do you wish you could tell someone?

Asked by nikipedia (28071points) May 2nd, 2008

Is there someone you’re afraid to talk to, someone who you’re angry at, someone you’ve lost touch with, someone you’ve lost? What’s something you wish you could say or could have said?

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To my fellow Flutherers, to stop complaining about the auto spell-correction on the iPhone. At least you have an iPhone on which to Fluther. I’m stuck on a Blackberry that’s so 2003.

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OMG. I could write 50000 pages to reply to this question. Why’d you have to go and do that to me on a perfectly wonderful Friday afternoon?

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To all military and civilian people who have fought, battled, worked, cried, and died so that I can enjoy my freedom and be able to sit on a mountain top in Idaho and smile in the sunshine, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all of the sacrifices you have made and the pain you have endured. America is not perfect, but you have made it a treasured place for the weak and weary as well as the rich and nutty to be able to live in relative peace and relaxation. Thank you.

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I had picked out the ring.

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I should have slapped you then and there!!!

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I never tell you everything.

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I quit, and I’m filing a sexual harassment suit against you!!

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I miss you.

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Why did you say I do, when clearly you don’t.

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If he, you or any other employee of this business ever treats me in that manner again, I will file a lawsuit that will not only bring this company down but air its dirty laundry in a fashion that makes sure you’ll be asking “want fries with that” for the rest of your 50’s and beyond you cowardly, ignorant, witless, bullying beer breathed pathetic excuse for a manager.

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Your not as smart as you think you are.

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I’m not? Shoot, because I don’t think much of myself so I am in trouble if that is true.

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Oh damn, I have a lot:
– I never tell you the whole truth about what I’m doing.
– You’re stupid for taking him back.
– You are gorgeous, no matter what your father said.
– I love you, but quit being such a fucking slut!!
– I didn’t miss you when you were on the other side of the world.
– The look in your eye when you look at me makes me uncomfortable.
– I like the person you hate better than I like you.
– Junior high and high school would have sucked without you. <3

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You look dumb when you can’t spell “you’re” correctly.

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It isn’t cool to always be negative towards everything anyone else does. ESPECIALLY YOUR WIFE! Try telling her you love her no matter what for once instead of how fat, old, or stupid she is. You did ask her to marry you, remember?

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I am so glad that all of my hard work and dedication meant something. I appreciate how you treated me when I was having a rough time with illness by firing me! I only need a few days off. You will never find anyone who will work as hard as I did. I guess that is why you had to hire four people to do the same job that I did all by myself !

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sry im such a bitch, but i think i have a crush on u

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@ Adina1968 – Whoa that totally sucks! I hear ya. See mine up above. I feel for you.

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I will kill you if you touch meth again.

And to someone else…

I’m sorry I didnt believe you when you said you were going to commit suicide.

And to someone else…

I told you I was gay from day one but thanks for the handmade quilt anyway

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So, you don’t want me to come back to work until I can replace the three people you hired to do my job huh? The surgeon told you a month ago I could come back and do desk work, but you said all or nothing, Well guess what buddy, I’m going to give my all somewhere else, and you will get nothing. I am not even going to tell you I took another job so you can just keep on paying for my insurance until it kicks in on the new job.

Oh, and by the way, the board of professional regulation is doing an investigation into the fact that you mistreated a patient when you were going into diabetic shock because you refused to eat your lunch that day. They called the hospital administrator about it yesterday to get you admission records, but you wouldn’t know that because your privileges there have been suspended.

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I wish I could tell Tim Curry that I love him, because then he would sweep me off my feet and we would get married. Well i mean we are he just doesn’t know it…yet

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Why did you come back into my life just to destroy me again? What did I not forgive, did I not do for you that could have allowed you to give me 1/8th the love that I provided you? Are you happy now that you have destroyed our family for something you won’t even tell me about. I hope its all worth it.

Whoa I got some things to work out.

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why’d you have to ruin my Friday night? You can be the worst boyfriend sometimes, but I will always love you. I can be so pathetic at times..

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How is it Up there? Worth dying for???

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Why do I put so much effort into you? Its all worthless.

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Honestly, you are the saddest excuse for a President ever. I know you fancy yourself a Christian beyond reproach, but seriously, it would not surprise me if , when you die, you go straight to Hell.

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To all who criticize people in powerful positions. Not intended for flutherites specifically. You may question the choices they make, the laws they pass, the values they claim to stand for, because that is your rght. If you haven’t walked a mile in their shoes, and had the responsibility of making the choices they have made and live with every day, your opinion means absolutely nothing to me. Also please remember that they don’t make these decisions alone. They have dozens of experts and advisors who help them with making up their minds as well as trying to push one way or the other. They are sometimes little more than a figurehead and a scapegoat. Put yourself in their place and see how many people would hate “your” decisions too.

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I am your daughter. I’ve given my entire youth to appease your every need. Why is it you refuse to love me? I didn’t deserve to be lied to, deceived, cheated, & crushed by you & your pitiful self. My mother is beautiful; why did you feel the need to desert & cheat on our family with that worm of a secretary you have and bring another illegitimate child into this world? You are loaded with millions but barely pay enough child support for us to survive. I’m 16, a straight A student, I done drink, smoke, do drugs, or sleep around. I work hard for everything I have & all I’m asking for is a used car so I can run errands for my mother & drive home on the weekends from the residential school I’m going to next year & you won’t even do THAT?! But you can afford to buy your mistress the same color, make, and model the week of my 16 birthday? I hate you. You will NEVER be a part of my or my children’s life. another illigitimate

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Done= don’t. Sorry for the typo

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I love you Tim Curry!!!

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One more:
– I like you, I would have sex with you, but you’re taken and that sucks.
(Why do I always like guys with girlfriends?)

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that’s like me with Tim Curry only he isn’t taken so I MIGHT have a chance!!!

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I can’t tell you how many offers I had from my friends to hurt you. I didn’t take any of them up on their offers, though, because I am a better person than you will ever be. Oh, yeah, and your dad is an asshole and I hope for the sake of women everywhere you don’t grow up to be like him.

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I wish i could tell Obama to quit trying to emotionally manipulate me by making every other word out of his mouth ‘crisis’.

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