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Does good news feel better if you've had to wait longer for it?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26839points) August 4th, 2011

Today I got some good news that I have essentially been waiting 7 years to hear. It felt so good that I cried uncontrollable tears of joy. I am sure it would be good news, regardless of the time lapsed, but do you think that waiting a long time for something makes it sweeter in the end?

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I don’t know. Sometimes, waiting longer than expected makes you number at the news.

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Usually the longer you wait the better they sound.

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Not in my opinion. Good news is good news and sounds great whenever you get it.

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It can…I waited 8 long years to finally get what I was waiting for and in a way I wish it was 8 months instead of 8 years. 8 years is a long time to want something and then there is the be careful for what you wish for element too! Congrats on the good news!!

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What’s the good news that you got?

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Great news is good to get at any point.

I’m interested to know what your good news is too if you’re willing to share :-)

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After four years of infertility treatment, assisted insemination, GIFT, IVF, etc., when my ex came home with the news she was pregnant I was ecstatic, the wait didn’t detract.

When the judge finally declared that my marriage will be absolutely over on December 1 of this year, it was just “finally, after all this effing time.”

I think it depends on the news and whether it will be real some day, or if there is a chance you’ll never get the good news.

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If the wait made me anxious to the point of been distressed it would be welcome sure, but still.

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Curious as to what happened Neffie… congratulations!

I agree with you. When the thing you’re seeking has been elusive for a long time, it’s all the more sweet when you finally achieve it.

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I think it can make things sweeter. Whatever it is that you’re happy about, Neffie, I’m happy for you!

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Sometimes, but I think if you have been waiting a long time for some news, when it arrives it can be an anticlimax. So… it depends.

And mirroring the comments here .. spill? What is this wondrous news?

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