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Sound Technical advice for wiring a room that already has a sconce light for a ceiling fixture?

Asked by gottamakeart (1323points) August 4th, 2011

OK, here is what I’m dealing with:

I have this room that I will be using primarily as my in-home Art-Studio. The Sconce light on the wall isn’t very good for lighting and I want to keep the room relatively un-cluttered.

I’d like to install the new ceiling fixture using the same wire path up the wall from the light switch and into the ceiling using new wire. The center of the ceiling has already been found and it appears to be right near a joist for secure mounting of the base.

My problem is getting the wiring successfully fed through the ceiling and part-way down the wall to the switch- without making a lot of holes.

Having never used a “wire-fish” before – I’d like to know how to make this DIY-project go smoothly.
(If I have to make extra holes- I’m already re-finishing the ceiling and adding crown-molding later.)

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If the wall is an interior wall then it should be an empty cavity. If it is an old home you may have fire stops inside the walls that will be a dead end when you attempt to fish the wire down. Make a new hole for the new switch leg and leave the old one in the wall unless you just have to yank the old wire out. If the switch is on an outside wall then you will have to deal with wall insulation in the way. The old sconce, its going to be eliminated? It will be a good idea to know how much load is already on the circuit if you want to still use the sconce.

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