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Does anyone make a voice, turn by turn navigation app for iPhone?

Asked by Tilden_Katz (13points) August 4th, 2011 from iPhone

One that directs at cycling speeds. Has an avoid highway option, and will allow me to hear directions through an earbud with my device in a jersey back pocket.

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Have you searched “voice gps” or “bike gps” ?

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Thanks for the response. I’ve tried “bicycling navigation”. I’ll try your suggestions.

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That looks great Denver. One question tho. Can I set a destination and get audible turn by turn directions at cycling speeds avoiding highways? Thanks!

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I have no idea. I just found it in the iPhone App Store App. I don’t even own a bicycle, sorry.

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just try and see what kind of apps they might have for you to try.

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Thanks again Denver. I realise I’m looking for something very specific.

I spose you don’t need GPS to find your local = )

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