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What newsworthy event happened in your hometown recently?

Asked by rebbel (24815points) August 5th, 2011

Of course, if you don’t want to reveal where exactly you live, feel free to name something that happened close by.
Did something happen in your residence lately that made it to the news (be it nation-/state- or regional television news), or that simply was newsworthy to you?
In my hometown, where they are building a train tunnel and city counsil building/train station, they dug up an old gate, that once belonged to the defensive wall, and was one of eight gates.
Delft got city rights around 1250 and got permission to build a wall and gates.
Unfortunately the gate halfway the (Dutch language) page you’ll find some images had to be broken down and removed because it was in the way of where the tunnel will come.
So, whats news in your neck of the woods?

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A seagull was knocked over & fatally injured by a passing tractor.
It’s a quiet little town, so what of it?

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I really didn’t find anything worth posting lol. Some people were killed by guns, someone drowned in a hotel pool, 60 cats were recovered from some ladies house, we had a tornado that damaged some property…...same shit, different day.

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@ucme Yeah, it was in the Herald Tribune yesterday.
@Blackberry Well, we never had a tornado, so pretty newsworthy to me.

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@rebbel They spoke of little else at The Ewe’s Bottom, a pub frequented by local farmers & yokels.

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We had job creation in Upstate NY.

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A police officer and city sanitary worker died this week. Both deaths are suspected to be due to the high heat index here in Memphis. Story

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@Adirondackwannabe That sounds positive!
@Pied_Pfeffer That sounds bad.

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We had a record turn-out last Sunday at the Blueberry Festival (not even counting the kids 12 and under).

A volunteer friend spent four hours making fresh blueberry pancakes over a hot grill in record heat and is still recovering. 80 gallons of blueberry ice cream were sold.

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Oh yeah, a couple of rockets fell nearby last night – only two were injured but from shock.

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This is the most positive story in the news of my hometown at the moment.

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There was a gas leak in the city centre this afternoon that closed part of a city centre street……...... that’s it.

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A little six year old girl was stabbed to death in her bedroom by her mother’s boyfriend a few weeks ago. She has a twin who witnessed the whole thing. Mom says she never noticed anything amiss with Mr. boyfriend. The guy’s now saying that Jesus told him to do it. I’m worried he’s going to get off on an insanity plea. This was the first murder in my town for 40 years. It’s a quiet little place, where not much usually goes wrong.

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Yesterday there was a record amount of car wrecks for the summer in my city. I couldn’t drive anywhere without being held up by a car wreck.

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Hmmm, just glancing over the local headlines I see that a couple behind a $1.3 million dollar embezzlement scheme was arrested, a guy killed his wife in a domestic dispute, a teenager was arrested for shooting and killing another teenager, and a man was sentenced for trying to run down a police officer with his car.

I don’t know if any of those things are necessarily newsworthy beyond a local level, but it does remind me why I don’t like to follow the news sometimes.

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Latest Forbes survey has listed Nashville as the 3rd most city to watch and live. It’s the bombshell city to live and work for all of this years and the next.

I could not agree more. Housing is cheap, jobless rate is low, taxes are tolerable and we have the four changes of the weather.

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The POTUS is visiting a battery plant in Michigan.
But I did appreciate what one commenter had to say.
“Why doesn’t he go to Detroit and see where the real problems are!”

Yet another animal attack. (Black bear).
But I did appreciate what one commenter had to say.
“Was the black bear fixed. It may have gooten fed up with being caged up and not be able to get out and have sex. It’s what prisoners go through when they are caged a long time.They get really amorous if you haven’t fed them salt peter.”

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In my small town? Let’s see. The Homecoming queen is pregnant. Or Johnny-Sports-Superstar was busted in college for using steroids. That is about it.

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“Baby born in minivan on (__) Ave!” “Nearby town up for ‘Best Town in America’.” Hike/bike trail underpass named for deceased councilman!”

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Ellsworth Kelly
turned 90 in May. He lives a mile from me.

This past Sunday the Austerlitz Historical Society had their fabulous annual blueberry festival. Most notably, I took tickets for three hours. (The pancakes and pies were pretty good, also.)

Our county fair takes place in a few weeks. If you have a favorite pig or chicken, the world’s best apple pie recipe, or a car you want to demolish, come on over.

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Well, Sacramento is the state capitol, so there is political stuff in the news all the time, plus there is a big years long brouhaha about the major league basketball team and building a stadium.

Locally in my little tiny suburban city the big news is a series of trails they want to build along the creeks that flow through here.

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