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The Purge Films & T.V. Show - What happens if you commit a crime MINUTES before commencement?

Asked by lawsson007 (4points) 1 month ago

Scenario 1: Suppose you robbed a bank and held it up till 4 minutes before Purge commencement. If you walk out of the bank after the 3 sirens go off, would you be arrested or would the police take off from the scene – allowing you to escape (since all crime, including murder, is 100% legal)?

Scenario 2: Let’s say you shoplift or commit some type of crime and police catch up with you and it’s 3–4 minutes before the Purge starts. By the time they handcuff you, get you in the back of the squad car and haul you off to the station… the Purge would begin. So, I’d assume they would just go home at that point?

Another thing that always got me thinking… what would happen if you decided to break someone out of prison or jail during the Purge? I mean, police, fire and medical services aren’t in service during the 12 hours… so I guess the jailhouse or prison is up for grabs? Doesn’t seem to me like there would be anyone out to stop you (since all crime is legal).

Just somethings I was thinking about after watching the films and the T.V. show.

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Haha, you remind me of myself in that aspect, since it may come to that scenario someday.

1 You get to flee with the money if you dont get caught. Not legal at that point.

2 In custody you’d have to bust out, they would still take you to jail.

3 Not sure jails wouldnt just be on lockdown but seems a prime time for a dual attack from the in and outsides.

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The police would get to beat the crap out of you, then shoot you. Not illegal, remember?

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@zenvelo Oh ya, great point.

Dont you guys think breaking into homes is a little too much? I mean thats cost prohibitive with so much easily destroyed so quickly. Streets though, yes.

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