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How to properly wash shoes in a washing machine?

Asked by AshlynM (10582points) August 8th, 2011

Can I put in three pairs of shoes and nothing else or should I put in some towels and blankets?

Which cycle should I set them on?

Also, how would I go about washing them by hand?


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Shoes alone in the washer are fine. I’ve washed a pair of Chucks along with a load once as well and that worked out too. Nothing special to it, really. Just make sure the fabric of the shoes can be washed in the first place—and take out the laces! I use the gentle cycle.

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I usually put them in with towels just so it doesn’t make so much noise with them thumping around, the towels offer some padding. And I just use the regular setting I use for everyday washing. Presoak with a little bleach if they are really dirty, but not too much or the bleach will eat the plastic.

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What type of shoes?

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I just put mine in on a gentle cycle, sometimes with other items like towels, sometimes alone. I never have a problem. If you dry them in the dryer, be careful, some sneakers might shrink if you dry them all the way or too hot.

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@JLeslie Dryers can make the glue brittle, too.

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Any type. Mostly sandals and sneakers.

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Not leather. The washing machine is for fabrics like cotton, polyester, etc.

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I wash shoes in the machine just like a regular laundry load. I also dry them like a regular laundry load. I’m talking about running shoes. I agree the dryer makes glue brittle. I washed an old pair of running shoes recently (5 years old) and the soles separated from the shoes into multiple pieces. Absolutely do not put leather in the machine. I used to hand wash shoes as a kid. I just hosed them down and got them soaking wet, then used a stiff bristled brush to scrub them with soap (a bar of laundry soap), then rinsed. To clean leather I think you just wipe it down with a damp cloth.

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