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Why will my boomerang not come back?

Asked by ucme (50047points) August 9th, 2011

Okay so it’s like this, my aunt recently came back from a trip to Australia & guess what she brings me back?.........Yep, a “bendy stick.”
Quite why she thought i’d want one is beyond me, but it’s the thought that counts right?
Anyway, I took the dawg for her walk earlier, my daughter & the boomerang in tow. I chucked the bloody thing & just fell to the ground, no return journey whatsoever.
Time & again I tossed it, much to my daughters amusement, the dawg looked bemused by the whole sorry episode. I may snap it into a million pieces, (yes i’m THAT petty.)
What am I doing wrong people? Is it the wind? Wrist action? I’m useless? Tell me now!!!! ;¬}

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You have to throw it the right way to make it come back. I don’t know what the trick is, but this article and video might help.

Or you could just offer it some cookies once it comes back.

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Yeah I watched those already, got bored though. Maybe it’ll take time & practice, but i’ve no patience when things go wrong.

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You have to snap them pretty good with a lot of spin. They will come back if the wind is calm. I almost nailed a bunch of us with one.

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I’ve done a bit of spin bowling in cricket so my wrist is pretty supple, this bugger ain’t no ball though.

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Rename it a stick and toss it at the dog.

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It hates you? Don’t sweat it, a lot of boomerangs are confused. They got thrown away and they’re expected to come back? What the f#*ck-?

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If it’s supposed to come back, then I want the bastard to do exactly that.
I refuse to be beaten by a warped piece of hickory.

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Just saw the video instruction. Looks like wind has to head towards you otherwise no amount of twirling of its own would make it go all the way back to you. : )

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It only works in Australia, silly.
Same as my didgeridoo, I can’t seem to get a sound out of it.

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In Australia, the water circles down the drain in the opposite direction as it does in the northern hemisphere. I’m assuming you’re trying to throw it in England. So you are either throwing it backwards, or it is doing what it should.

Ha! Actually I owned one and broke it trying to get it to turn back towards me. Those things are really tricky. Plus kind of lame too. Who wants to hunt with a boomerang?

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@rebbel That’s right, how remiss of me. Maybe if I do a handstand & then toss the thing.
@cockswain Yeah, kind of a weak weapon. Although this kid seems to have got it made.

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This video may help
At the very least it’ll make you smile.

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Your aunt may have mistakenly bought a kylie. Which is a hunting tool used in Australia & looks very similar to a boomerang… but it does not come back.

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@downtide I actally thought of that song during my failed attempts.
@rpm_pseud0name No it’s definitely a boomerang, says as much on the package. Will it come back one day? “I should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky!” ;¬}

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According to @downtide ‘s video In order to have your boomerang come back to you, you have to throw it first….

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