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How old is too old to dye your hair?

Asked by nikipedia (28005points) May 3rd, 2008

I look best with red hair. Can I continue to dye it whenever I feel like it, or do you hit a point where it’s unprofessional to show up to work with a different hair color?

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My mother is still dyeing her hair and she is over 80. The question does occur to her as well. But also she is not working in an office.

To my mind, if it looks natural, keep doing it as long as you want. If it is flaming red and looks really dyed, that look might begin to look a bit tired as you get older. But really, it’s so up to you—how you want to look. And you might be setting the new style. Or try blue.

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Once you lose the pigment from your hair (i.e. goes grey) the colour might come out a bit different…..and you may want to switch shade.

As for it being unprofessional, I suppose that depends on how conservative your company/profession is or is expected to be.

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My Mom dyed her hair until she died at 77. As far a work goes, I don’t see how it would be considered unprofessional to change you hair color unless it was some kind of wild color. If you’re not sure, tell your boss you are considering the change and see what he/she says. I changed my hair color and style three times in the past 6 years, and never had a problem with it as far as the job goes.

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Fortunately, there are no age police. I say as long as doing it makes you happy!

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I say, don’t make or follow any of these kinds of rules. Do what makes you happy. Often times your confidence will override any seemingly inappropriateness associated with dyed hair or whatever.
I’ll never forget this lady I saw in Amsterdam a few years back. She must have been 85, with bright pink hair. She was dressed nice and carried herself well. I thought, wow, this country is so progressive!

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red is still a natural color so it doesn’t matter how old you are

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Just check that your hair colour and the rest of you aren’t at odds. In some ways, the 85 year old w. the pink hair is much better than someone whose hair looks 25 and whose face looks 70.

I would listen to Marina and PW and skfinkel and ignore kapuer, who is being silly.

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My hairdresser told me that as we get older and our hair loses pigment, our skin does too. We need to take stock of ourselves from time to time and start to tone down the brightness factor – to keep our paler, more delicate coloration from being swamped by too-vivid clothing and hair color that was beautiful once but is not quite right any more. I think all these answers except “50”, which is indeed silly, are splendid.
I myself adore dyeing my hair and have done so 100 times, many colors. But I try not to go with the very flaming brights now that I’m past… well, 50.

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You should stop dying your hair when you have been dead for more than a week. After that, it’s just gauche.

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