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Where can I buy a pet squirrel?

Asked by xgunther (446points) May 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

I want one! So cute.

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You shouldn’t buy a squirrel. It’s a wild animal. Wild animals don’t become tame, they become habituated and eventually bite, and your once cool pet becomes something else you just want to get rid of.

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Does it have to be alive? Ebay has some great taxidermy.

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you go 5 km that way, and you’ll see a sign with garffiti on it. make a left there. oh rat race, such a funny movie.

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squirbel might know where to score a squirrel.

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You can’t have them as a pet, i tried. I found a wild rabbit with it’s back legs broken to be sure it wouldn’t be put down & safe, and due to it being a wild animal it is illegal to keep them as pets.

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Well my crazy old grandpa has a squirrel problem. They eat my grandma’s flowers and such. So he started a “squirrel relocation program” which consists of a raccoon trap, orange spray paint, and his truck.
So what he does is leave the trap out with some peanuts in it, then the next day he gets the squirrel cornered, paints it’s tail orange, and then throws it in his truck and drives deep into the woods away from his house to let it out. Now, if there are every any orange tailed squirrels around his house he knows they found their way back and that he needs to release them further away.

I could give you his number and you could ring him up and see if he’ll ship you one :p

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How did I know that was going to be removed?
But yeah you should just get one from the park…but you’ll probably get bitten.

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Maybe you could appreciate them in the wild.

You know they are rats with big tails. And you could get a rat.

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And deer are rats w. hooves. Anyone looking for wildlife, send me your address and I’ll fed-ex just about anything – there are even bobcats, serval cats, moose, and brown bears lallygagging around here.

@Bree: Where I cohabit w. nature, the rule, when releasing live animals from traps, is 5 miles and nowhere near any friends. Your grandpa doesn’t sound crazy to me…lucky grandma, is all I can say.

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Japanese and American scientists have done very scientific experiments in catching squirrels scientifically.

Here’s proof: Very Scientific Squirrel Obtaining Experiment

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My friend caught a baby squirrel after killing the mother. It did back flips until it had a heart attack. Please, don’t put the poor creature in danger…... Please!

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Well, many of you have the wrong idea. I rescued a baby that had fallen from the nest at about 5 weeks old. I had lots of time to spend with him and he totally liked play wrestling and darting around my bed and house. He got along fine with my dogs, but feared cats. He became a companion who greeted me when I got home. He came to bed to sleep with me. He loved to ride around inside my shirt where he would curl up to sleep. He also enjoyed sunning on the dash of my car as I drove. He was better than a pet, he was a companion,

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i have one for sale

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