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What's your favorite Mexican style food?

Asked by iamnathanjohnson (174points) May 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

I love trying new chips and salsas. But chimichangas are good as far as entrées go.

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I tended bar at this place for 4 years and never got sick of the food I ate on a daily basis. I guess I favor the traditional stuff; moles, corn tortillas, queso fresco, etc..
Honestly, I like pretty much love all of it though. Sometimes a simple taco from a grimy taco truck is truly amazing. I’m also a huge fan of [non Jose Cuervo] tequila.

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I sure do enjoy a big platter of Mi Cocina’s fajitas

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dos queso quesodillas con friolles negros

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I like traditional Mexican food that’s a little more upscale overall. A good mole sauce can’t be beat. This place in Baltimore is really good for traditional Mexican: Blue Agave Restaurant

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Start, of course, with a cerveza (Pacifico is my favorite, but they are all good) and some ceviche with chips and salsa and guacamole (all fresh, just made) and maybe a couple of tacquitos. Next would be another cerveza with a carnitas burrito, wet with mole sauce, lots of cheese, sliced olives and fresh hot salsa, and a baby green corn tamale with green salsa. Rice and beans on the side (I’m partial to black beans but do love frijoles, too). Flan for dessert with a mexican coffee. Mmmm…I’m hungry!

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My family has been going to Ojeda’s in Dallas some the 1970s. It is the standard by which I measure all other Mexican food. I haven’t even opened the menu in years; I always get the enchilada dinner, one cheese, one beef. It is definitely not upscale, but it is authentic.

@Kay. I’ll have to try Blue Agave. We will be in Baltimore a few more months and should check it out.

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Chipotle® veggie burrito bowl with black beans and guac… yumm

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@ketoneus: They have over 100 different kinds of tequila, if I remember correctly. Its a great place.

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…The pressure, of picking just one….I love Mexican food!
Although, certainly one of the best I’ve tried was at this place:

Smoked Chicken Chile RellenoGrilled poblano pepper
stuffed with chicken, pecans, apricots, raisins, a blend of
spices and Jack cheese, served over a green chile and picante
cream sauce with green chile rice and black beans.

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All mexican! Again, not the people, the food. LMAO!

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@wildflower That doesn’t sound like real authentic Mexican food but it sure makes me drool over it. All the food entries you all have already mentioned are great, especially beef or chicken fajitas with vegetables steaming hot served on your table with corn tortillas.
There one more entry you all got to try: this is beef mole, it’s cook with onions and chocolate. I know what you may be thinking, chocolate? no way. Hey give it a try, you’ll find out is so delicious is not even funny. This is one of the specialties of Mexican food.

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Nuevo Tex-Mex… what they call it, but it is yummy!

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Not sure if they call it like that, all I know is called “Mole”. Once you order “Mole” in the restaurant, they’ll bring you Beef with Chocolate. You’ll come back another time for it, it’s exquisite. De chuparse los dedos…...hmmmm

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Well, that’s how they introduced the theme of the restaurant to me…....but then again, I’m a gullible foreigner, so you’re probably right..

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I love tamales!

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lately i have been making a yummy breakfast: corn tortillas, huevos, queso, y salsa. y frijole tambien…...

its all good! YUM!

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@emilyrose, NO FAIR. I’m hungry.

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