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How to solve itunes error 3194?

Asked by joon1986 (185points) August 13th, 2011

I have problem restoring my ipad <<error 3194…>>
YES I did search it on google for the solution and follow the steps (such as changing host file) but still having same problem
anyone know other way to fix the problem ???
I thought it could be my laptop so tried it on my sister’s brand new laptop but no luck there either
please someone help me out!!!!

BTW I am currently running 4.3 and was thinking about upgrading it to newer version – I normally pay for my apps so jailbreak is not really a issue (but usually jailbreak to have more option :)

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If your device is jailbroken (like mine XD) then just take pictures of all the cydia packages you have installd, export them and any nores and contacts, put the iPad in DFU mode and reinstall, then re-jailbreak using 4.3.2 I’ve only jailbroken my ipod but it seems to be the most stable.

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@XOIIO I am not really worried about what I have saved in my iPad…plus my iPad is working fine other than ibook…I just want to make sure I can update iOS at some point
ATM I just simply can’t restore/reinstall due to error 3194—-(both normal restore/update or DFU reinstall doesn’t work) and I need help resolve that error
thanks for your advice anyway

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