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Hollywood love to blow things up, do they have to pay any special polluters tax or fee for it?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) August 14th, 2011

It is no secret; Hollywood loves to blow stuff up. Those explosion throw what appears to be a lot of pollution in the air. Check it out, here and here, not to mention what ends up in the water. When they shoot overseas I suspect they can do about what they wish because there is nothing close to OSHA, EPA, etc over there, plus the host nation could use the bucks to have Hollywood come to town.

Here in my area there are many refineries and when something goes wrong and they let chemicals out into the air, they get fined heavily. There is also Spare The Air days where if you burn leaves or brush, run your gas mower, or leaf blower, use a fireplace, fire up a BBQ, you can be ticketed or fined. How can Hollywood get away with causing what seem like a lot of pollution with their explosions?

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I doubt it, most of their exlosions are just gasoline burning, so not a lot of stuff is spread around, and they might pay local municipalities for the right to blow stuff up, but I doubt tax.

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@XOIIO burning gasoline is the one ofthe biggest polluters.

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@Lightlyseared Yes, but it doesn’t create shrapnel or anything hazardous so there isn’t really a reason to pay extra.

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@XOIIO I think what the OP was getting at was that lots of industries (like airlines, powerstations etc) have to pay tax on the CO2 and other nasties they produce why shouldn’t hollywood be the same.

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I think if you measure Hollywood’s explosion effects with that of big industries, big industries will take the Oscar, so no. : )

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Ya, if you stare at one oil refinery for an hour, you’ll probably see as much burning oil as if you watch action films all day, and the action films only burned it once and took a picture of it, so you can watch it over and over without burning any more gas, and in fact while you sit there watching films, you’re not burning more gas for entertainment (unless you’re watching the action movies while sitting in your SUV or an airplane or cruise ship…).

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