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Anyone have the Parrot AR Drone?

Asked by XOIIO (18328points) August 14th, 2011

I just got it yesterday and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Totally worth what I had to pay. I’m only dissapointed in the low flight time and high charge time, but I’m getting a battery pack that gives close to half an hour of flight. Do you have one? Also, any jellies in saskatoon with one? We shoudl fight lol

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Nice! I heard about it but have not used one. Those designers were really thinking when they made that one. Take off the foam protectors and put on a skin and it looks awesome in flight.
Can you tell where it was made?

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Well the inventor is a guy from France but it’s but in china, great quality worksmanshkp though.

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No doubt the poor guy thought he would make beaucoup bucks by having it done there. I give it three month months and the knockoffs will be all over the place. Big mistake trusting them to do manufacturing. The first units off the line will be perfect so they get great reviews. That is how they suck you in. After that you and your company are done. It is a consistent pattern that people refuse to learn – or are paid kickbacks not to learn.

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@worriedguy Actually they have been around for a long time, there are hundredz of mods, repirs and DIY maintenance sites and videos, and I havent seen a single knockoff. There are plenty of downsides to, but mostly the battery and sometimes interference. The charges are sometimes a problem but mine is all good.

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