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Does your pet have any annoying habits?

Asked by sophiesword (2289points) August 14th, 2011

Of course we all love our little furry friends to bits and pieces but is there something your pet does which gets on your nerves?

My dog Rusky loves to roll on the carpet and rub himself on all the pillows and by doing so my originally red carpet turns to white.

My other dog Mac is just hell bent on ripping apart my rabbits.

My rabbits always poo on me whenever I pick them up and my parrot fish bites my finger when I try to clean the aquarium.

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One of my “girls” was obviously taken away from her mother too soon and to placate her oral fixation will nibble on any soft thing she can get away with. She isn’t destructive about it, she just does “flea bites” with her front teeth. This makes an excessively annoying sound, not to mention leaves whatever she is nibbling completely wet with dog drool (quite disgusting when it is the comforter on the bed!!!).

Our other “girl” has abandonment issues and has an annoying habit of throwing temper tantrums by getting in the trash when she feels like we have unjustly left her alone.

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She seems to always fart when in my car. They did not tell me this fact at the adoption agency!! WTH!

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She barks at anyone she’s not familiar with. She barks at the mail truck, garbage trucks, the Fed-Ex trucks, motorcycles and any other “loud” vehicles. She barks at knocks at the door and the doorbell. Yes, I have that one dog on the block who won’t shut the fuck up.

She really is a sweet little girl, but is capable of the attitude of a teenager. When she’s mad at me or frustrated for whatever reason, she lets me know. She takes her food bowl in her mouth, dumps out the contents and spreads it all over the floor with her paw. Then laughs at me when I pick it up. Okay, she doesn’t really laugh, but I swear she would if she could.

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I suspect one of our cats is not covering up his poop in the litter box. I don’t know who it is but it stinks.

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If I won’t get up from bed when he really wants me too, he will step all over me one foot at a time. If I still manage to ignore that then he flops his body next to me and sighs, then gets up and does it again till I will look at him and say, what the hell. Then he jumps up and jumps down the bed and barks at me from the floor. As if saying, “Oh, I’m so glad you are up and ready to go”..“I’m ready when you are”.
Cute but still freaken annoying. Especially at 6 or 7 am.

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She wants to kill every other furball, such a pain when taking the dog for a walk.

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He walks right under my feet at all times, and either I step on him or he trips me. He’s going to break my neck some day, and somebody (not me) already broke one of his legs, last year, by accident.

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<Groan> My cat Inky keeps hauling critters, mostly lizards, into the house, my bedroom especially, and often not ALL THE WAY DEAD leaving me having to chase it down.

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@Hypocrisy_Central your kitty is awesome.

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@King_Pariah I think the lizards are uber stupid because she has a bell, they should here her coming long before she gets there.

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Milo here; Finally, someone is asking. Gail is often whiny, inflexible, dogmatic, petulant, demanding, finicky, disheveled,, and really unimaginative.

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My two mutts won’t quit killing transients and burying them, very ineffectually I might add, in the back yard.

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My dog cheys on her paws, its pretty cute, except the 2 inch circle of spit left afterwards, and she’s just a cockapoo.

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One of them is a complete nutcase. She carries on like a pork chop about just about anything. We even put her on prozac for a while.

My cat has this unique ability. It can walk (or roll) across our garden and pick up lots of sandy soil. It can then walk across concrete, timber floors, rugs, bedding and finally when it gets under the blankets and is in our bed can release the grit. We end up sleeping in a sand pit. How the hell does he manage to hold onto all that grit!

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Eating junk food, I’ve tried to educate them not to do that! And their canine friend will sometime pee on our furniture.

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My cat has the annoying habit of pissing on the rug, licking my hands and feet when I can’t be distracted and being too adorable to mentally handle.

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My wonderful dog (RIP) had none. He was so special. Now we adopted a cat and she only likes us when we bring her food. When she is full, she scratches us or walks away.

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She barks everytime the front door is opened, no matter who may enter. If they call her bluff & walk up to her she runs away & hides like the big girl’s blouse that she is. I mean, she’s adorable loving & super intelligent, but can’t shut the fuck up when she hears the door.
Penny is our dawg by the way.

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If it is raining she refuses to go outside to do her business. What she does instead is, stick her rear end out of the door as far as possible without actually stepping foot outside and doing what she needs to do right outside the door. Technically it’s still outside so I can’t be annoyed that she messed in the house but it’s annoying when I step in a pile of poop that’s sitting right outside the door!

I have just re-read this and I apologise for using the word “outside” so many times!

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Destroying things I leave in the yard. She chewed through the power cord for the pool pump the other day. Then she runs away in fear when you yell at her and won’t come back. She’s a dork.

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My cat Dobby (as seen in my avatar) has taken to scaling my bedroom walls. Just leaps up and tries to cling on. Similarly, he tries to smack Bob Dylan in the face (poster on my door) if I don’t let him out in a timely manner. He also tries to pull apples out of my hand while I’m eating them. In the morning, he sits next to me while I’m sleeping and puts his foot on my face or hits my shoulder or bites me until I get out of bed, and then he’s content.

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A cat called Dobby. Love it. He isn’t a very nice house elf though is he!!

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@Bellatrix Is it a skinless cat by any chance?

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I don’t know @XOIIO. It belongs to @martianspringtime. Looks furry to me :-D

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I have two cats who like to fight. The boy stays on the ground. The girl gets on top of the desk and pushes things off it so they fall on him.

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One of my dogs has the annoying habit of shoe chewing. She does it very, very rarely so you are lulled into a false sense of security. She also only does it when she is pissed off with us. Like this morning, when we stayed in bed longer than normal and she was annoyed because we didn’t get up and get her breakfast. So, she went to the shelf under the hall stand and took one of my shoes and chewed the end of it. I wouldn’t mind if it had been a shoe I didn’t really like. It was one of my favourite shoes though.

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