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How to save contacts in phone & sim on an HTC Sensation/Android?

Asked by xTheDreamer (890points) August 15th, 2011

I just bought an HTC Sensation and I’m putting my contacts in the phone but it would either save to sim or phone. My old phones that I had, had the choice of saving the contacts in sim, phone or either on both(phone&sim). So I’m used to that and it’s also handy if my phone is damaged my contacts are still on my sim or if I want to change providers which the sim card is different, I would still have all my contacts on the phone.

So I wanted to know how can I save my contacts to both phone&sim on the HTC Sensation or on an Android phone.

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For an Android, it should ask you to log into your Google account. You then just use your Google contacts. Technically, you can save contacts to the phone, but I don’t know why you would do that, especially if you’re looking to preserve them beyond that phone.

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I think @Aethelflaed is correct about the phone part – that phone can always use your Google contacts.

But the SIM part is a good question. It could be handy to put your SIM in a non-smart phone and still have your contacts.

I have a little Motorola Razr, and sometimes I wish I could carry that little phone instead of the over-sized Android model.

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