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OK. My husband wants to know if toasting a piece of bread gets rid of some calories?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36036points) August 17th, 2011

….I say “NO!!” It just bakes out some water, which has no calories anyway! What say ye?

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I’ll say no. Does he think some of the carbs burn off or something? If it does affect the calories it would be very minimal.

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It gets rid of water… and perhaps adds tasty carcinogens if you toast it too long…

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I agree with you, it only removes the water.

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No it adds calories because then you have to butter it…. :)

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OK. I have to play the Devil’s advocate….are some breads made with more fat than others? The fat might rend out during the toasting….and catch your toaster on fire….

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Why would he think so?

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Maybe, if you drop a lot of crumbs. It would take a lot of crumbs to make even one calorie, though.

@Dutchess_III The bottom of my toaster isn’t greasy.

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Ah @Supacase! Crumbs are good. As the late, great Erma Bombeck said, “There are no calories in cookie crumbs. Have all you want!” But, you know, flour WILL burst into flames if heated long enough! And I bet there are no calories left over after that…

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@Dutchess_III Depends on the bread. I don’t use any fat in mine.

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@JLeslie M! I use about a tablespoon of real butter in mine.!

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I think it stays the same, or you’d have to eat an awful lot of bread to realize any savings. It would be easier to save on calories by adjusting what he has with the toast.

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OK. I have to tell a story. It was summertime. My son, Chris, was about 13 (now 24), my daughter Corrie was about 15 (now 26.) I hated summertime. It meant kids staying up too late when I had to still get up early, coordinating breakfast and lunch for the kids while I was away at work…well, I was at Dillions one particular evening after work picking up food for the next day. I had “Toaster Strudels” on my mind. As I thought of them I thought, “What if the toaster catches on fire?” (it had happened to me once before, when I was 16)... then I shook off the thought. My kids had used that toaster a thousand times for thousands of things, (including Toaster Strudels)) before. Then I thought, “Why did that thought even cross my mind??”
Well…guess what. Get a call at work the next morning. Toaster caught on fire. I had a fire extinguisher under the kitchen sink. Kids, including Chris, knew about it. My son calmly UNPLUGGED the toaster, then sprayed the hell out of if with the extinguisher…along with the entire rest of the kitchen! Jebus he went to town!!!
Ah, well. When I got there 5 minutes later…I had a helluva mess to clean up.
I said, “You know, son…you really only needed to spray the toaster.”
He grinned and said, “I just wanted to be sure!”
I just paused, then said, “You thought to unplug the toaster first?
He said, “Yes Ma’am.”
I looked at the kitchen walls, floor, everything, paused, and said, “Well…good thinking.”
Then we turned away, both grinning because CHRIS got away with emptying the fire extinguisher all over the kitchen (what kid wouldn’t want to do THAT given half a chance?!) and I couldn’t say a damn thing because he’d “saved everybody’s life!!”
It was one of the few times he beat me…and I have to laugh at all three of those times!

Oh and, I believe the toaster really caught on fire because
1) The wall behind it was scorched and
2) My daughter, Corrie, is and was, a big tattle tale. If Chris had somehow staged or made the whole thing up she would have told me at that moment…and she’s backed up the story for ‘lo these 11 years!

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@Dutchess_III thanks for sharing

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@YARNLADY Thanks for reading!

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So, if you just heated the bread some other way (say a microwave), that probably wouldn’t reduce the calories as you said because it’s just removing water.

If you burnt the bread all the way through, then ate the char, it would have less calories.

Somewhere in the middle is toasted bread, so it probably has less calories depending on how toasted it is, right?

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If you toast the bread until it is burnt down to mostly a carbon residue then the final result would contain fewer potential calories than original piece of bread.

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What kind of bread if its a wheat bread then yes otherwise no.

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I would think toast would have slightly fewer calories than fresh bread, just because of the loss in the form of crumbs. I can’t imagine it would make any significant difference, though.

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I would agree with your husband. The bread turns that nice brown colour to show it is a little burnt or oxidised and these particles of burnt bread can’t be used for energy when eaten. The effect is miniscule.

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