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Why do toasters have a temperature setting that literally burns your toasts?

Asked by bhec10 (6452points) July 19th, 2009
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some people like burnt toast

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Not everything that goes into a toaster is the same thickness. The extra heat is to get a good toast on something sliced very thin. Or you might just want some burnt toast.

I use a super mild setting for things like bagels, which are very thick and would quickly burn with a normal setting. A normal setting for things like toast. And a higher setting for poptarts because they are thinner than toast.

Apart from just thickness, things cook at different speeds. A wheat toast is going to toast at a different temp/time combo than, say, a super dense beer bread. A high temperature could be used for something that was really moist but you wanted toasted. Like zucchini bread.

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Yep, toast burns exceptionally easy, but other things don’t. With my old toaster, the darkest setting would burn toast to a complete carcinogenic crisp, but I’d still have to toast on the darkest setting to get my bagels the way I like them.

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@fireinthepriory: That is so weird. My toaster works the exact opposite way. Bagels toast waaaaay faster for me.

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@EmpressPixie Huh… Mine also likes to take forever on english muffins or poptarts, but anything past medium makes bread a crispity crisp. Mine is a temperamental toaster… But it cost me only $7 so the fact that it doesn’t create balls of flame on a regular basis is rather exciting! :)

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My grandmother loved burnt toast. She used to say it was good for her gout. That never made any sense to me, but she purposely burned her toast every morning.

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I love burnt toast. With butter. Mmmmmmm

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Some breads cook faster than others.

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Toast thickness, different breads / toaster products need different heats/times to cook . Same with an oven or grill really .
I LOVE melted toast , its toast that is just before turning golden then buttered

So really its warmed loaf buttered…......

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If toast is going to be burned it has to be left to go cold and then smothered in Lurpak butter Mmmmm!

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If you burn toast and then scape it, the taste and textures are awesome!

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I love burnt toast. I usually have to run my toast through the toaster twice.

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I frequently put bread straight from the freezer in the toaster. In this case, you need a high setting to first defrost and then toast the bread.

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@janbb You beat me to it, my freezer to toaster bread takes a higher setting.

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I don’t have an explanation, but listen to Eddie Izzard’s very funny bit about Machines that Lie including toasters.

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The toast isn’t meant to to be burnt, but simply toasted very quickly. (However, the time settings do not change, leading to burning.)

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