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Scientifically, will blood-baths make you even more beautiful?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) August 19th, 2011

I read the story of Erzsebeth of Bathory, and it said that blood-baths could make her even more beautiful as she has proved it herself. In my opinion, blood contains lots of nutrition and it can be absorbed by our skin in liquid form, and our skin will gain advantage from it just like Milk-baths or Honey-baths.

Now if we brought this interesting issue in to reality, excluding the ethics, will blood-baths help you to preserve your beauty? If the blood that we use is animal’s blood will it has the same effect?

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Got any links?

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Scientifically no, science measures beauty in terms of symetry, and that is determined by genetics.

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@atlantis I couldn’t give you an exact link as I merely read it from a novel. But this might give you a little bit insight.

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@poisonedantidote I think she’s just wondering if it will have a beneficial effect on the skin.

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No, it will not.

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@marinelife Mind to give your reason?

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No. It will just make you red and sticky.

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Mud works better than blood.

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No. Substances diffuse through the skin only when they’re present in greater concentrations outside of the skin than inside. Your own blood is constantly bathing the cells of your dermis from the inside, so if you put the same stuff on the outside of your skin there will be no concentration gradient to move stuff from “out” to “in”.

Milk and honey baths don’t do any “nourishing” either. At best, they may have moisturizing and exfoliant properties. But it isn’t a matter of “feeding” the skin cells at all.

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I imagine any amount of benefit you would get would be scrubbed off in an attempt to wash up. Blood doesn’t dry like an oatmeal bath does.

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Though it sounds cool it doesn’t work. Not to mention you’ll be grosen out by the smell.

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@thorninmud I thank you for your beautiful scientific explanation! Hmmm…Maybe blood-bath isn’t really a good idea.

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Beauty ~= cB * i * bloodbaths ^ 1.03

cB = constant of Beauty
i = imaginary number

It will be fun for the police if they ever blue-light your bathroom.
“Chuck, come here quick! Check this out! The tub must’ve been filled with blood!”

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Yes, if you consider this to be more beautiful. ;-)

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Very gruesome, it isn’t worth it, I will stick with my tub of hot water. What’s wrong with being a little ugly anyway?

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Nobody mentioned the possibility of transfer of disease through blood. I’m thinking it’s a bad idea. Yuck!

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This made me throw up in my mouth. I’d just get surgery if I was going to be that extreme – at least it would be my own blood – haha

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If the blood can get your facial bone structure to mould itself into a new shape, sure!

An “ugly” person will still look ugly with great skin. Similarly a “beautiful” person will still look beautiful even with imperfections. Any difference in the appearance of skin if at all would not be worth the trouble of extracting hundreds of litres of foul smelling blood.

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