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Who wants a pancake!? Welcome M. Huntington to the 10K mansion!

Asked by Allie (17526points) August 19th, 2011

Ahh, Mike Hunt. Who wouldn’t love Mike Hunt? ... Wait, no, not that you pervs. Michael Huntington, of course!! That’s right, the gentleman with the punniest name has busted down the 10K doors and is here to wreck havok. Hide your kids, hide your wife… might want to hide the peanut butter too. ;)
Let’s all give a nice, big congrats to Mike Hunt for being soooooo awesome!!!
X’s and oh-oh-oh’s to you Mike. <3

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WOOT! FIRST! Congo rats M. Huntington!

now gimme lurve, or bugger off

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Congrats on the 10 grand!

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This is great news! Congrats, Michael_Huntington!

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Of course, everybody’s seen Mike Hunt! Congratulations!! Good call, moving in on a Friday afternoon.

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Congratulations, Mr. Huntington! Welcome. Greetings and Salutations! Make yourself at home. Just snap your fingers. A drink will appear. The one you were thinking of.

Congratulations, again, sir.

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Congrats on the 10K!!!!

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The suave Michael Huntington, congrats!!!!

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I’d love for there to be a basketball/football player with your name, imagine the commentator.
“Oh my god, Mike Hunt is wide open!!”
Anyway yeah, congrats fella! :¬)

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How beautiful! You’re even more beautiful than you used to be!

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@Allie You spelt mike meik near the end.

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What ↑they↑ said.

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Well Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Woot! congrats.

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Congratualtions, @Michael_Huntington!

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Good Job! Congratulations and welcome to the Mansion!

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Congrats!! :-)

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Congratulations! Welcome to the mansion! Grab a beverage and have a blast!

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Congrats!! Well done! Hope to be in the mansion someday!

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@XOIIO What typo? ;)

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Nice job Wes!

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Congrats!!! 10k hooray!!!!!

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Congratulations on 10K
How is it you have asked 0 questions?
I know, you already know the answers!

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Congratulations on 10K!

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Fucking hell, I didn’t even know I made it to 10K! I seriously didn’t think I would last this long…
Awwww, I just want to say, thanks a lot you guys! You guys are seriously the best internet community in the universe. I know I say a lot of bullshit, but I really mean this, most of you guys are just awesome, and don’t you ever forget that. :,)
And a huge special thanks to @Allie for making this thread and @Augustlan and @Dog for whipping my arse into shape (I would’ve still been a troll and banned without them)
No thanks to @Sarcasm~

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Woohoo! Congrats Mike! Welcome to the mansion. It’s party time.

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Congratulations! :)

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Woot! Congratulations, @Michael_Huntington! You’re my favourite asshole on Fluther ;)

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Welcome! Help yourself to some of my super-secret-chocolate-stash. It’s in the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet that’s hidden by the “Dogs Playing Poker” painting.

Oh shit. Forget I told you that. There IS NO filing cabinet.

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Hell yeah man, congratulations!

We totally gotta celebrate…what are we watching next? :)

Cheers, and keep it up, friend. :D

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Cheers and congrats, yay, clapping, jumping, well, not really

A Friday night party in the land of 10k!

Hey, it is 4:23 on the west coast, Colomas Happy Brownie hour, this brownies for you! haha

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HELL YES! Congrats and * fondles * all around. :D

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Congratulations Mr Huntington. Welcome to the mansion. Great work!

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Pancakes all around!
It’s only fair.

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Best wishes on 10K. Have they told you about the cash prize that goes with the award?

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Woot! Congrats!

True story: once, when I was younger, my friend and I prank called a bar and I asked for a Mike Hunt. Pinky swear, the bartender called out ‘Phone call for Mike Hunt!’ like four times. lolololololol.

Total lol4rl at ‘hide your kids, hide your wife’!

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There is a car yard here owned by a man named Michael Hunt. He used it to his advantage. Who would ever forget this name!

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Awww, yay! I still remember the day you asked us to change your name from Mike_Hunt to Michael_Huntington. I thought, “Our little boy is growing up!”. Well done, sir!

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Félicitations, @Michael_Huntington!

And sorry for bucking the trend.

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I want to tase mike hunt, I bet he tastes good

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Well done my liberal friend

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Congratulations and welcome to the mansion.
Am I too late for pancakes?.>)

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Oh man, @Michael_Huntington
Oh me, oh my, where do I begin?
He’s got some fly beats
He’s a total boss on the streets
Get ready, prepare the nation
For our rap collaboration!

Congrats on 10k!

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Congrats! =)

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Oh jeez! How did I miss this?
So sorry I’m late Mike, just wanna say I adore you here on Fluther :)

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