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Can you believe it? We got a third party!

Asked by Mimishu1995 (17001points) February 27th, 2017

The third member to be honored today is Ltryptophan! Let’s come and congratulate!

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Is that why you’ve been swimming in the tidepool again lately!

Good to see you around again Ltryptophan! Mazel Tov on the 10K!

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Congratulations Ltryptophan!

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Very good job, my dude.

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10Kongratulations @Ltryptophan

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Get out the Tryptophan and pump some into the jelly community who will be in the mood to dance and party for the next two weeks! Well done to you too! Keep going strong!

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Welcome to the first mansion, Trypto. LOL. You wanted in and now you’re here. They probably didn’t tell you this, but the FNG has to do the dishes during their first week.

Jeezuz. This is the third party I’ve been to today and it’s only 2pm here. LOL. I’ll have what the guy on the floor was drinking.

And Let the bodies hit the floor

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Good job!

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Congrats on 10k!

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Congrats on the 10K @Ltryptophan. Hopefully the first of 3 more!

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Welcome to the mansion!! That’s a lotta lurve. Well done

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Three cheers to our favorite amino acid! I bet your new mansion key is nice and shiny :)

Always enjoy how you liven up the lagoon—(helping to put the l-tryptophan myth firmly to bed!)

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This is fantastic! All of these parties happening at one time. Congratulations @ltryptopan! Wow that’s hard to spell. So glad to see you in the mansion. You are a very treasured member here.

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I think WebMD sums it up, “L-tryptophan is called an “essential” amino acid because the body can’t make it. It must be acquired from food.”

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Congratulations @Ltryptophan.

Have a paczki ... I picked up a few extra ... they’re perfect for a mansion party.

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Excellent! Fabulous!! AMAZING!!!

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I’ve been beached for quite a while, but a friend just gave me a laptop.
Great to see you in the mansion!

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@Ltryptophan Congrats on the 10k.
We all honor you with a turkey dinner and a snooze.

Relax and don’t invest in anything too crazy!

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Congo rats to a wonderful contributor! Make sure you check out the second floor cinema!

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Nice goin. Keep it up!

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Congratulations, sorry I am late. I seem to skip Meta for days on end.

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^Yeah. I don’t check meta that often. Just like me. Late to the party.


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I’m late too! The party continues to Hump Day! Happy Hump Day and Congratulations, Ltryptophan!

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10,000 whoop-whoops for @Ltryptophan!

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Congrats, Ltryp! Now, don’t fall asleep at your own party! :-)

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Congratulations @Ltryptophan! Getting to any of these milestones in our depleted tidepool is a real coup. Good to see you’ve made it across this line.

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Comgo rats…burritoez 4 all

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Well damn, I missed this party, well sht..I guess I’m on the clean up crew. lol
Congrats @Ltryptophan, may the fluther force be with you.

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