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Do you ever worry that you're going to forget how to walk?

Asked by Hibernate (9050points) August 19th, 2011

Well do you?

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Um, nope.

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No, can’t say that I have that particular worry. I’ve wondered what it would be like to not be able to walk, but I’ve never pondered “forgetting how.”

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Not really. I’m scared of getting amnesia but you still have reflexes.

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I might have thought about it while watching the movie, Regarding Henry, but worry about it? No.

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No, losing the ability to walk would be something I could handle. Being unable to talk or communicate would be so dreadful though, I worry about that every time I think about brain damage.

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sometimes… not when I’m sober though.

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You don’t use it you lose it. It’s how the brain works. If I’m using it, it’s unlikely I’ll forget.

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I did when I was brain damaged, but it wasn’t hard (I’ve been told!) to re-teach me. I think that you will eventually forget how to do anything if you don’t do it all of
the time, but I imagin re-learning takes less time because I doubt your muscles actually forget. They just need to be shown again.

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Sure. It’s a scary thing to consider, and it’s not uncommon when people get older, or even with certain illnesses.

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At 10 yrs old and thanks to a virus and over 4 months straight confinement to a bed….I did. I had to learn how to walk, stand the whole nine yards. That totally sucked.

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@lucillelucillelucille Your situation is a case that many of us could benefit from learning more about. Would you mind sharing what you know?

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Not really. Not since they invented the wheel. There will always be a way to get around.

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I have a history of stroke on both sides of my family, and while addressing my health, it is a concern in the back of mind every so often.

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Heck no. But I have worried that what if all the sudden I forgot how to breathe… That would SUCK! And you just suffocate although everything is seemingly normal.

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I was once worried that I was not man enough to stop walking.

I was walking home drunk, when I thought “I have to keep going” then I turned to my self and said “hold on a moment, I’m a grown man, I can stop walking any time I want” but I still kept walking. This is when I got angry, I dared my self to stop walking for 10 seconds, but still felt the urge to keep walking, so I snapped, I stopped in my tracks and counted out loud “1… 2… 3… 4…” all the way to 10. Then I continued walking, satisfied and confident that I was in control enough to stop walking if I wanted to.

Yes, very fucking drunk indeed.

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@Pied_Pfeffer You find out what you are made of when that is taken away.I have a feeling everyone one here would do everything they could to get moving again.Never lose hope,:)

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Uurm .. no….

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If I do, I want to be euthanized.

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I stay up nights worrying about this. I also worry that I will forget how to type. And eat. It would be horrible if I couldn’t remember how to eat. They tell me that breathing is an autonomic system, but I still think that one day, I’ll be sitting around looking at the poppies in the fields and imagining what it would be like to be a dragon dancing with a unicorn and all of a sudden I’ll forget how to breath, and I’ll die and I’ll never know whether the dragon married the unicorn or ate it.

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No, I’ve never thought about that. Although, I have learned that you can forget how to ride a bike.

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Nope, not even once

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Nope. However, when I was a kid I had a case of acute ataxia which was quite scary as I couldn’t walk. Eeesh:/

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Great. Now I am worried about that. I’d never thought of that before. It would be scary.

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I’m more concerned I won’t remember how to sit. Then I really can’t be lazy anymore!

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No, nor do I contemplate ever forgetting how to ride a bicycle.

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I’m not afraid I’ll forget—but I am afraid that my brain that remembers how will stop talking to all the parts that produce walking.

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I am not worried I will _forget _ how to walk. I am more worried my mind will know how to walk but my body will stop listening.

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