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How often do you do things without realizing you do them?

Asked by Hibernate (9050points) August 19th, 2011

It can be any sort of thing. Burping, ripping one off, annoying your friends, being sarcastic, touching your hair all the time, curling your hair, touching your balls, clipping your nails, stretching your back etc I think you get the point.

How often you do things without realizing you do them?

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Apparently, I glance around nervously and look suspicious when I eat.

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I do that sometimes without realizing it…

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Apparently, I become really sarcastic when I’m drunk.

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^^Say it ain’t so!! lol

I’m fully aware of when I’m sarcastic, bitchy, eye rolling, sighing….. I’m not sure what that leaves for me. Perhaps I tap my fingernails and don’t know it? No one’s ever told me that I’m being twitchy or anything.

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I put bobby pins in electrical outlets.I am very unaware.

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How would I know, if I didn’t know?

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I write answers without realizing I write them.

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@rebbel !! You know you just wrote an answer? Did you REALIZE what it was you were doing?!

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I probably do a lot of things without realizing. But I don’t realize I’m doing them, so I don’t know how often.

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@FluffyChicken Damn, there I went again…..:-)

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I am very guilty of writing words that are no where near what it was I am thinking. I think it is a form of ADD or dyslexia! HS I am mortified by some things I read I wrote! And it isn’t till after the edit time has expired too!

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“Yes okay darling, the computer’s going off now. What’s that? No just stay in that position, i’ll only be a minute.”

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Not often. I tend to be hypervigilant.

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I have a habit of running my fingers through my goatee without realizing it.

You should have made touching your balls one of the topics.

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Often. If a camera were to watch me 24/7 then it would probably be discovered I live a life and a half. I sleep walk, sleep talk, have reality blips where I doze off into oh-who-knows- where. As much as I forget, I’m told my eyes and face cannot lie so now and then I’m caught killing someone with a look or dopey in love, making goo-goo talk with my guy while twirling my hair.

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When distracted or focused on other things, like a movie or work on my computer or sometimes even a book, I tug on my hair and pull out small patches of it. Sometimes I irritate a particular area by tugging until the hair is pretty much gone. I don’t realize it till I have a clump of hair in my hand. Unless I’m super engaged in something, I’m usually very aware. In company, I won’t tug, but I’ll touch my hair A LOT.

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I can talk too fast when I get excited or passionate.

I am pretty self aware though, I catch myself and temper it again. I have a very projective voice, it is a good voice, but, it needs regulation. lol

In my defense, it is part of my enthusiastic personality type, when Coloma is excited she’ll tell you ALL about it and the tempo can go up! haha

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Brush my teeth. I have to see if the toothbrush is wet to tell.

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Last weekend I had a Happy Brownie and lost my kitchen sponge.
I mean, really..where does a bright orange sponge go? haha
A few hours later I found it in the freezerl
Clearly I was not in full awareness. lol

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I was at the pool stoned last night. I was standing in the water talking to a lady and all of a sudden she starting laughing. She said, “You have adjusted and straightened your bathing suit straps six times since we’ve been talking.” I had no idea. But, hey, thanks for pointing it out to me. @Coloma, what is aareness? Did you have leftover brownies tonight?

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Burping as/after drinking soda.

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@Coloma – I was really hoping that story was going to end with you finding chunks of orange kitchen sponge in your poop the next day. Gross, I know. But that’s where my mind goes!

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I’ve been told that I blink a lot and that I frequently very sarcastic. I never really noticed until these things were brought to my attention.

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I seriously can’t sit still for more than a few seconds so I’ll click my fingernails against a table, or bounce my heel with out realizing for little while. If I don’t though I start to shake involuntarily. Also my voice volume goes up while I talk with out me realizing.

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@rebbel That’s what he said.

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I catch myself humming strange tunes when i’m concentrating really hard on something

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I pace around and walk in circles (until somebody points out how freakish I appear) and tap my foot, twist my earring (tragus), and poke my tongue in my tooth gap. People get distracted by my quirks often.

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My husband sticks the tip of his tongue out when he is concentrating. I think it is adorable. The funny thing about this is our two-year-old granddaughter does the same thing; as does an 8 year old nephew who we seldom see. My husband gets embarrassed when someone mentions this to him. Awww, I think it is charming.

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Haven’t realized it yet.

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Sometimes weird sounds happen when I lift something too heavy. It isn’t till after a few seconds it dawns on me.

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On average, 7.3 times a day. Usually while driving. I’ve got so many points on my license they should give me bonus award points.

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