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Can a Panic attack last a whole day?

Asked by Unclepepsi (900points) August 21st, 2011

I started having general anxiety on the way to work this morning about 7:30am. About 8:15 the panic attack ensued. I took a Valium and the symptoms went away for about an hour. They returned but not as bad. Took a nap on lunch break and they seemed find, but re-returned a while later. Its now almost 8pm an this has been going on all day, I have been close to going to the ER for the fear of my heart stopping as it has been fluttering all day. Please Help

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I would say yes because a friend of mine suffers from them and has had them for long periods of time like that. But I would go to the ER if you fear of your heart stopping because this type of fear could actually make the panic attack worse because not only are you panicking about the originally issue you have yet to deal with but now your worried about your health which now makes it worse.

I would also suggest finding a very good therapist, it took my friend along time and many different therapists before she found the right fit for her but now that she has she went from having them several times a week to going months without one.

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You should probably go in to the ER and from there get a referral to get to the bottom of this.

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Much like the information I sent you before, a panic attack generally only lasts a few minutes. Unfortunately, if you get yourself all worked up you can have panic attack after panic attack, which can make it seem like it has lasted all day.
Focus on the reality of the situation. How long have you been afraid that there is something wrong with your heart, because of the panic? Are you still alive? You sure are.

I drove my GP absolutely batshit because I kept going back, convinced that I was having a heart attack, that my blood pressure was skyrocketing and I was about to have a stroke, that I was going to die. All anxiety.
I know that insurance is an issue for you, but you should see if you can find a clinic nearby that offers therapy on a sliding pay scale. Some places will charge you by your income, and if your income is zero.. your therapy is free. It’s worth looking into. Panic disorder is debilitating when it gets out of control, and it is miserable. Finding a doctor that can help you will be worth every cent, I promise, I’ve been in your shoes.

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One thing I can say that helped her is when she would call me crying when having one I would have her take deep breaths and just talk to her about relaxing things that she enjoyed like going to the beach and that and she told me it really helped her relax and calm down from the anxiety that brought on the panic attack to begin with. If you try to close your eyes and take slow deep breaths and just think of places and things you love

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Better go to a doctor for a check up. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Anxiety attacks can be very debilitating, sometimes lasting for weeks or months, or in rare cases for years. Just to insure that nothing else is wrong, please see your physician for a thourough physical exam. He or she can also recommend one or more of the very effective medications now available.

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Panic attacks can totally last a whole day. Easily. Sorry. However, I wouldn’t go to the ER – unless you have some kind of pre-existing heart condition, your heart is not going to have a heart attack. It’s just not. And ERs are really expensive, so why not just wait until the weekdays, and go in to see your family doctor for a much more reasonable price. You may want to look into a faster-acting benzo, because Valium is really more for managing longer-lasting anxiety than for getting you out of a full-blown panic attack.

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A number of years ago I suffered with Generalized Anxiety Disorder along with Major Depressive Disorder. My psychiatrist ordered Klonopin for me & it worked wonders. I also learned techniques that would help me when having a panic attack. I don’t know if a GP would feel comfortable ordering a medication that is psychiatric in nature. It’s good when you can get to the root of what is causing the panic attack.

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They leave me warn out for at least the day. Many times.

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Possibly…have you taken any meds prescribed or OTC medications or large amounts of caffeine or combination thereof? Any of those can cause a heart to go nuts.

Either way all I can suggest is do see a doctor to be sure and try this Apan Vayu Mudra it can be effective in calming the heart. Try belly breathing and try to just relax. Lay still and close your eyes and see if you can mentally relax your racing heart while doing the mudra.

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I would not consider this to be a panic attack but rather the case that you suffer from anxiety disorder. You need to see a Dr if it continues. Homeless shelter or not.. your health comes first.. ok?

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